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How 1X Technologies became your valued Wire and Cable Manufacturer and you didn’t even know it

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1X Technologies Manufacturer of Unique Wire Cable

How 1X Technologies became your valued Wire and Cable Manufacturer, and you didn’t even know it

Have you ever been in a grocery store like Target or Whole Foods trying to make a decision on which item you want to buy, and in your head you are mulling out the costs and benefits of each item? As you’re price shopping and comparing you may notice that the store brand product offers more benefits than the lower priced competitors while costing less than the premium brands. But a store brand couldn’t be better than a premium brand, could it? You decide to buy one of each to test them out for your future shopping trips. When you get home you are delightfully surprised when you find out that the store brand is actually as good or better than the premium brand, and was a good chunk of change less. The interesting fact that not many people know is even that premium brand who is advertised and perceived as being much better than their competitors is sourcing their manufacturing out to factories who use their designs to build the brands proprietary products. So when we see Wal-Mart (Great Value) or Target (Up & Up) branded products the stores are essentially doing exactly the same thing as those “premium brands” are in making the products. This practice of “Store Brands” is actually called Private Labeling. The item that you bought that was as good or better than the premium brand may actually be manufactured by the same factory that manufactures the premium brand products you we’re testing them against! The CKS GLOBAL Electrical Manufacturing Industry is no different than the consumer goods manufacturing industry. Large companies who sell hundreds or thousands of products that are either produced at their own facility or sourced out to partner contract manufacturing agreements just like Whole Foods or Target does with their store brand goods. Typically an Electrical Wire & Cable manufacturer will keep their most popular products in house and source their more complicated products or orders that are going to hold up a production line to one of their partner facilities. It doesn’t make sense for them to stop a line that produces hundreds of thousands of feet of building wire to set it up for a custom cable that only needs a few thousand feet or less.

This is where 1X Technologies steps in to help

When a large manufacturing company needs a high quality, specialized cable constructed quickly they often turn to 1X Technologies as their trusted partner. When Wal-Mart wants to reverse engineer a product to make their Great Value brand item just like a premium brand competitor they have to have that engineering work done somewhere, and typically have to source the engineering to a different company than the factory who is making the product. When a Wire & Cable manufacturer needs this done they just tell 1X what they would like the cable to do, and we design a product to meet their specification and exceed their expectations. 1X Technologies Wires and Cables have been performing under harsh environmental tests of Oil & Gas, Mining, Space Exploration where the products are exposed high heat and potentially corrosive substances regularly. 1X Technologies Produces custom harnesses and specialty cables for critical environments in data centers where Google, Facebook, Twitter, and most of the world’s social media companies hold their information. Our Cables are trusted to perform, and while they don’t always say 1X on the jacket, we are proud to support our partner organizations engineering and manufacturing needs. This is how 1X Technologies has been your valued Custom and Specialty Cable manufacturer and you didn’t even know it!

How Private Labeling Helped 1X Technologies

While offering Private labeled manufacturing has let 1X Technologies help our partners by helping them obtain and fill orders, Private Labeling has also helped 1X Technologies. We have grown our relationships with our partner manufacturers, helping us to build our Master Distribution division to rival anyone in the industry when it comes to stock on hard to find specialty cables. When a popular factory has a surplus of one of their items 1X Technologies is often able to purchase from them at a discounted price and put the item into our stock for resale, or for use to OEM other specialized products. In a recent case, we had our distributor customer come to us looking for a Belden item that needed a custom colored armor, to be special lengths, and had to have the cable glands already applied. Luckily we had the Belden item in stock that we bought surplus, and were able to design and build the special armored cable product in just 1 week, and our customer had the product delivered to their contractor’s job site just 8 days after ordering. At 1X Technologies, we take pride in finding the right solution for our customer, even if it means using another company’s product to manufacture that solution!

Non-Traditional Methods

The Electrical Manufacturing industry, and the Energy industry in general, is one that is steeped in tradition. The Baby boomer generation is in control of much of what happens on the regular, and for many of them that means doing business on a flip phone with large numbers, or only checking email in the evenings from a desktop computer. At 1X Technologies, we respect that tradition that has brought our industry to the place we are in today, but we are set up to do business in nontraditional methods. What does this mean? We know our Gen X and Millenial customers find value in working with a partner who is quick to respond on platforms that are outside the realm of most industrial companies. We get requests on the 1X Technologies Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages, and we respond quickly. We know how valuable this is to our customers who are on their iPhone or Android devices in the field who have an idea on their brain and need to act quickly. We don’t need to design a special app for our customers, we already them in the places they spend most of their time on social media. It makes doing business easier, and makes the problem-solving process much faster!

Types of Products and Services 1X Technologies Offers

1X Technologies offers over 10,000 cable and connectivity components (including fiber optics) for applications in Computer/Networks, CATV, Industrial, Entertainment and Security, and many other markets. 1X Technologies also manufactures signature brand products we just talked about through private labeling, and stocks millions of feet of popular manufacturers products in our 1X Technologies Master Distribution Division. Our people are what make the difference at 1X Technologies, but our manufacturing abilities are vast. Here is some of what 1X Technologies can do for you:

1X Technologies Custom Wire & Cable Products and Services

At 1X Technologies, we go by a saying that “If it can be manufactured than we can do it!” This let’s us make just about any product type you can think of and help in situations where that particular product needs a bit of tweaking, custom markings, or needs a complete overhaul. Our business is not in commodity products, but if your commodity cable needs to be specialized 1X Technologies is second to none in quality and speed to manufacture! At 1X Technologies, We do it all – fast. Our turnaround time is the best in the industry. Contact us now with your order and have your finished product in a matter of days, or just a few weeks on more labor intensive projects. With it being crystal clear that we can produce any wire & cable product you need, here are some key areas 1X Technologies custom cable manufacturing can help you.

  • Custom Patch Cords & Wire Harnesses

    1X Technologies has the custom Patch Cord & Harness Design and Manufacturing expertise to satisfy even the most complicated and complex custom cable requests. 1X Technologies makes a full spectrum of data, voice and video cable harnesses and patch cords. We offer connectivity solutions for the Medical, Electronics, Automotive, Telecom, Mil Spec, Military, Robotics, Instrumentation, Audio, Marine, and Industrial markets. Custom Computer Cables: Internal, external, Audio/ Video, SCSI, USB, IEEE-13941X is THE valued partner to OEM’s & Electrical Distributors. Popular types of patch cords and harnesses we manufacture:

    • RF Cable Assemblies: – Flexible RF cable assemblies, Semi-rigid, and Conformable RF cables
    • Custom Fiber Optic Patch Cords: Singlemode, Multimode, Duplex, Simplex , Multi-core fiber configurations, etc.
    • SAS Cables and SATA Cables: Standard and Custom SATA, eSATA, SAS and Drive Cables -external Raid connections and disk arrays as well as internal high-speed disk drive cables.
    • Ribbon Cables: ATA, Serial ATA Cables, Internal Round Cable Assemblies, Shielded Ribbon, eIDE and IDE cables
    • Electro-Mechanical Assemblies: Wire Panel Assemblies, Rapid Manufacturing, Built to Specs, Design & Prototypes, Electro-mechanical harnesses, power cables, signal, and alarm.
    • Network Cables and Patch Cords: Custom, fully tested patch cables, Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat6e, Cat6a, Cat7, T1/E1 cables, T3/E3.

    Why do Customers choose 1X Technologies for their Wire Harness, Cable Harness, and Patch Cord needs?

    • Rigorous Zero-Defects QA Program
    • High Quality Materials
    • Advanced Equipment & Tooling
    • Engineering / Prototyping Support
    • 100% Product Testing
    • 100% Product Guarantee
    • On-Time Delivery
    • Competitive Pricing
  • Custom Tray, Instrumentation, & Control Cable

    Instrumentation & control cables are used in control and power applications in chemical plants, steel mills, industrial plants, utility substations and generating stations, as well as commercial buildings. Two popular types of Instrumentation & Control Cables that 1X Technologies Manufactures is 600V Tray cable and 300V Power-Limited Tray Cable. 1X Technologies Tray Cables are available with variable types of insulation and jacketing combinations and are designed to meet the demands of everything from light to heavy-duty industrial applications.There are many options to choose from, but you can get custom colored jackets and conductors, custom shields, custom armor, and custom private label printing. 1X Technologies is your best source for Custom Flexible Control Cable, Custom Traffic Signal Cable, Custom Substation Control Cable, Custom Thermocouple Cable, and of course, Custom Tray Cable. 1X Technologies manufactures many different styles of Tray Cables including XL-CPE, EP-CPE, XLP-CPE, XLP-PVC, VN/VNTC, LSZH and more. Whatever insulation or jacket type you require for your custom Instrumentation & Control Cable 1X Technologies will do it with quality.

  • Custom Electronic Cable

    1X Technologies Manufactures a massive array of customized electronic wire’s and cables. Our products are used in some of the most important electronic systems not just in the world, but in the universe! 1X Technologies products help the space shuttle perform, and are part of SpaceX’s new Falcon 9 transportations system. 1X makes custom electronic cables to meet your unique needs. Some of our most popular electronic wire & cable types: Wire & Cable Bare Nickel Chromium (BNC), Coaxial / Coax / Broadcast Cable, Data Grade Cable, Flat Cable, General Line Wire and Cable, Guitar/Microphone Cable, Hook-Up Wire, Local Area Network (LAN) Cable, Magnet Wire (PE) (SCS) (S Therm), Multi-Conductor Cable, Multi-Pair Cable, Plenum Cable, Portable Cordage/Lamp Cord, Process Control Cable, Security/Fire Protection Cable, Speaker Cable

  • Custom Flexible Cable and Cord

    1X manufactures specialized SOOW and SJOOW as well as many other custom cord styles that are used in flexing applications and will make you as little as 500 feet of a custom flexible cable that is rated to withstand millions of continuous flexes. (1X Master Distribution team also stocks Continuous Flex European Cables!) 1X manufactures a complete line of control, data, video and power cables specifically designed to handle the rigorous speeds and near-constant motion encountered in automated equipment such as robots, pick and place machines, automatic handling systems, multi-axis machine tools and conveyor systems. Once manufacturers have bought the cables they need, they may also choose to browse cable carriers, to ensure the cables are protected from damage caused by machinery.

  • 1X Technologies Flexible Cord Features and Benefits

    When the application demands highly flexible cables offering exceptional cable life and performance, specify 1X Technologies. Key cable attributes include:

    1. Reduced Cable Memory – 1X Technologies Unique design and neutralized cabling, results in cables that are relaxed, with almost no memory.
    2. Greater Flex Life – Superior flexibility means that these cables are able to handle the vigorous motions and high speeds encountered in automated equipment.
    3. Greater System Uptime – 1X Technologies combined specialized manufacturing techniques with precision copper stranding and rugged insulation and jacketing compounds to maximize the cables’ flex life and reliability.
    4. No Talc Problems – Unlike the potentially harmful talc used in other cables, 1X’s inert, non-irritating slipper compound facilitates flexing and also complies with OSHA regulations. It’s safer for employees and operators and is less likely to contaminate solder joints or mechanical compounds.
    5. CE Conformity – 1X Technologies Flexible cables can be CE marked per the Conformite Eu. low voltage directive, allowing European market access.
    6. Unique Custom Designs to solve your biggest problems.

Applications 1X Technologies Continuous flex custom cables are popular with:

  • Robotics
  • Material Handling
  • Assembly Machinery
  • Packaging machinery
  • Biotechnology
  • Semiconductor manufacturing
  • And others where the cable is subjected to continuous motion
  • Specialty Mil Spec Wire / Mil Spec Cable

    1X Technologies features one of the largest stocking inventories of wire and cable for Mil-Spec Wire & Cable. Our experienced engineering department provides top-notch design assistance, and our fully staffed quality test lab ensures the reliability of our high-quality products in the field. To further guarantee mission assurance in the products we provide, we serve on several technical and military committees, and implement LEAN manufacturing techniques—and we’re certified to ISO9001 and AS9100 standards. With a small minimum order requirement, our off-the-shelf turnaround is fast and reliable.

Mil Spec Wire and Cable Specifications and Applications

  • 1X’s Valued clients in the military and aerospace industries rely on our mil spec wire and cable to perform within a wide array of applications. Military ground vehicles, avionics, satellites, jet engines, and weapon systems are just a few of the places you’ll find our cables hard at work. Popular 1X Mil Spec items are: M16878, M22759, M25038, M5086, M8777, M81044, M81381, M81822, QQ-B-575, QQ-W-343, MIL-C-17, M27500, M55021, M24640, M24643 To accommodate our clients’ diverse applications, we offer several specification ranges, including:
    • 1000 MCM to 40 AWG
    • Single conductor discrete wires to complex composite cables
    • Low temperature to high temperature (-100° C to 260° C)
    • Low voltage to high voltage
    • Completely Customized Mil-spec cable configurations
  • Specialty High-Temperature Wire & Cable

    1X Technologies Manufactures a variety of super high-temperature electrical wire and cable. 1X Technologies products can be used in a variety of internal and external wiring situations and applications. 1X Technologies high-temperature cables can be used in environments with temperatures exceeding 150 degree C. 1X Technologies makes high-temperature cable products that come in a range of materials and configurations that will work with most industrial, commercial and household applications. 1X Technologies High-temperature cables can be used in Food Warming, vehicles, aircraft, and technologically advanced products that require wiring for high-temperature environments. With product designs available from 2 to 1000 conductors in various AWG sizes, our high-temperature cable options can fit most applications.

1X Technologies can help you with many types of wires with insulation utilizing FEP, PFA, PTFE, and ETFE (Tefzel®), Kapton® Polyimide film, modified silicone rubbers, magnesium oxide, polyurethane, mica tapes, TPE, Foamed FEP or Tefzel®, thermoset cross-linked polyolefins, and many more. 1X conductor materials range from; Grade A Nickel, 2% and 27% Nickel-plated or clad coppers, Tin-Plated Copper, Silver-Plated Copper, High Strength Copper Alloys, and various other materials used in Coaxial cables.

  • Custom Composite Cable

    Custom composite cables are the best way to integrate all of your wiring needs for different applications based in common locations. Combining different types of wire and cable within the same jacket not only speeds up installations and eliminates the guess work in installation, but it also reduces pulling stress on the wire cutting down on costly installation errors. 1X Technologies has the ability to give you the custom coloring of each conductor, striping, and printing capabilities to help improve installation.Custom Composite cables save on total project costs through the quicker, easier, installation of one cost efficient cable.

  • Custom Solar & Renewable Energy Cables

    Typical Photovoltaic (PV) Wire is a PV listed UL 4703 and is either rated for 1000 Volts or 2000 Volts. The size most used is #10 AWG. So what about this is custom? 1X Manufactures solar photovoltaic wire and cables in large sizes like 500 MCM, 750 MCM, and 1000 MCM! While the typical Solar PV cables are black, 1X manufactures colored PV wire and cable! Another option for your custom solar PV wire is to have it double jacketed, helping it with additional heat resistance. Speaking of heat… If you have a critical solar project that needs high heat rated PV cable 1X manufactures cables rated over 1000 degrees celsius that will do the job! When you’ve run out of options with your regular vendors give 1X a call for your custom renewable energy wire and cable. 1X solar cables and photovoltaic wire are designed for the harsh environments of solar energy applications-the hot and cold of climate extremes, ozone and UV radiation, moisture, oil and direct burial. The cables use a specially formulated PVC jacket that can withstand the potential environments without failing or degrading. Available in a wire range from 14 to 2 AWG, the photovoltaic wires come in two versions to meet either UL 4703 PV wire/TUV Pfg 1169 requirements or UL 4703 PV wire requirements. UL 4703 PV wire/TUV photovoltaic wires are made with low-smoke, zero-halogen (LSZH) materials which do not emit toxic gases when burned. The UL PV wire products use a cross-linked polyethylene insulation and PVC jacket. Solar cables, in sizes from 18 to 12 AWG and conductor counts from 3 to 9, are available shielded or unshielded. The TC-ER and MTW-rated cables have an abrasion-resistant jacket. Both the PV wire and solar cable are designed specifically for solar environments. They are sunlight and oil resistant and withstand temperatures from -40 to +90C. The solar cables meet requirements for direct burial without conduit.

  • Hard to find, and Non-Stock Cable Sizes

    Large factories can not afford to shut down their lines to manufacture odd cable sizes unless the customer buys a large minimum run of 10,000 to 20,000 feet. 1X Technologies is a great secondary source to brands like Southwire, Coleman Cable, General Cable, Nexans, AmerCable, RSCC, Philatron, Prysmian, Belden, Encore, United Copper, Service Wire and more for your non-stock cable sizes. 1X Technologies manufactures 2500 MCM, 2000 MCM, 1500 MCM, 1000 MCM, 900 MCM, 800 MCM, 700 MCM, 600 MCM, 400 MCM, 26 AWG, 28 AWG, 34 AWG, and many of these sizes only require a small 500 or 1000 foot minimum run to make. While we don’t deal in commodity items, we will manufacture unique sizes of THHN / THWN, XHHW, and XLP-USE. 1X Technologies will make you what you need, and have it on the job fast if we don’t already have what you need in stock. (We just may!)

Send us your requirements now and let us get to work on your custom cable solution. Keep in mind we do have millions of feet in stock on hard to find products that we cut and ship immediately with many items qualifying for 2 Day Free Shipping. It isn’t Amazon Prime, but when our order shows up you better have a forklift ready! The 1X Technologies Team  1X Technologies At 1X Technologies, we specialize in providing products and services that are beautiful yet amazingly reliable and functional. Our award-winning manufacturing designers bring passion and enthusiasm to every project. From stock on hard to find items to manufacturing a new product to meet your needs we have you covered.Take a look at our unique services and experience why working with 1X Technologies is different. For further assistance, contact our client service specialists, email: or call 1-307-256-7849 UNIQUE WIRE AND CABLE MANUFACTURING, SUPPLIES, AND SERVICES If you’re an end user, we can help you find the right products and services to fit your company’s unique project requirements. If you’re a distributor, we can help you find the best custom solution to meet the needs of your customer. Follow 1X Technologies on LinkedIN: Follow 1X Technologies on Twitter: Follow 1X Technologies on Facebook: Follow 1X Technologies on Google+: