Belden 82502 Cable Equivalent Suppliers [Price per foot, Spec sheet, Info]

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1X Tech® Cable Engineering Specification: Belden 82502 Cable Equivalent Manufacturer “EZ” Part Number Description: 1X82502EQ 1XTech® 24 AWG stranded (7×32) tinned copper conductors, plenum, FEP insulation, 2 twisted pairs, overall 1XFoil® shield (100% coverage), 24 AWG stranded TC drain wire, FlameTech® jacket. Contact us now for a price per foot / price per 1000 feet or for your English PDF Specification on […]

Belden 83515 Cable Equivalent Suppliers [Price per foot, Spec sheet, Info]

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Belden 83515 Cable Equivalent by 1X Technologies 1XTech® “EZ” Part Number Description: 1XB83515EQ  [Alternative to Belden 83515] High-Temperature Electronic Cable, 15 Conductor 24 AWG (7×32) Tinned Copper, FEP Insulation, Overall Foil +Tinned Copper Braid (85%) Shield, FEP Outer Jacket, CMP. Scientifically designed and proven for use in place of Belden 83515 cable as an equivalent […]

3C 500 MCM Cable 15kV Copper CTS Shielded MV-90 Medium Voltage Power Cable

3C 500 MCM Cable 15kV Copper Shield MV Medium Voltage Power Cable

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3C 500 MCM Cable 15kV Copper Shielded MV-90 Specification   Manufacturer “EZ” Part Number Description: 1X5003C-CU-15kV [3C 500 MCM Cable 15kV Copper MV-90] 500 KCMIL Copper XLP three conductor cable stranded copper conductors, semi-conducting layer, XLP (Cross-Linked Polyethylene) insulated, semiconducting layer, helically applied copper tape shield, phase identified; three conductors cabled together with one stranded […]

Quadruplex Overhead Aluminum Service Drop Cable

Service Drop Cable

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Aluminum Service Drop Cable (Overhead) What is a service drop? Service Drop Cable Definition: In electric power distribution, a service drop is an overhead electrical line running from a utility pole, to a customer’s building or other premises. It is the point where electric utilities provide power to their customers. A Service drop cable is one that is used for […]

Submarine Cable Manufacturing

Submarine Cable [ Submarine Power Cable Suppliers, Price, Spec ]

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Submarine Cable This is the broadest compilation for Submarine Cable information anywhere including many high quality images, videos, submarine cable specifications, pricing, and much more. We have put extreme efforts into answering many of the questions we receive every day regarding submarine cables, and submarine power cables, giving you a comprehensive source for all the […]