Oil Gas Industrys Trusted Energy Supplier: 1X Technologies

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At 1X we specialize in providing products and services that are beautiful yet amazingly reliable and functional. Our award-winning manufacturing designers bring passion and enthusiasm to every project. From stock on hard to find items to manufacturing a new product to meet your needs we have you covered.Take a look at our unique services and experience why working with 1X is different.

How 1X Technologies became your valued Wire and Cable Manufacturer and you didn’t even know it

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When a large manufacturing company needs a high quality, specialized cable constructed quickly they often turn to 1X as their trusted partner. When Wal-Mart wants to reverse engineer a product to make their Great Value brand item just like a premium brand competitor they have to have that engineering work done somewhere, and typically have to source the engineering to a different company than the factory who is making the product. When a Wire & Cable manufacturer needs this done they just tell 1X what they would like the cable to do, and we design a product to meet their specification, and exceed their expectations.

1000 MCM Copper Wire, 1000 KCMIL Aluminum Cable - XXXL Wire Sizes

1000 MCM Copper Wire – 5 BIG Beastly facts

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When it comes to Copper wires and cables, 1000 MCM is the Giant Gorilla of the Wire & Cable Jungle. It is very big, and is typically used as a feeder wire in instances where smaller but more common 500 MCM or 750 MCM will not take the amperage needed for the job.