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Hazardous Area Cable Glands in Stock

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You found this article searching for a Supplier for your Hazardous Area Cable Glands.  We’re glad you found us. We can help!   Call us now at 888-651-9990   Buy Hazardous Area Cable Glands| 1X Technologies, Leading USA Supplier of Glands, Connectors, Accessories  1X Technologies Hazardous Area Cable Glands are used in hazardous, industrial and commercial […]

Expedited Manufacturing – Electronic Electrical Wire & Cable

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You found this article searching for a Wire & Cable Manufacturer for to meet your expedited need for a product that is not in stock.

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Belden 88760 Cable Price, Belden 88760 Equal Cross Reference Spec

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If you found this article searching for an equivalent to Belden 88760 FEP Plenum cable for high temperature application or another type of Wire, contact us now. You you can visit our website at, call us at (307)-256-7849, or email us your request to our customer service team to

SOLID COPPER TRACER WIRE | Buy Today with Confidence

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1X Technologies stocks millions of feet of 6 AWG SOLID TRACER WIRE in popular colors like Yellow (GAS), Red (Electric), Orange (Communication), Blue (Potable Water), Green (Sewer), and Purple (Reclaimed Water) – as well as any other special colors you need including Green with Yellow stripes like in the picture below. We ship fast and can deliver you 500′, 1000′, 2500′, and 5000 foot reels, or custom sizes of whatever you need!

To order now call us at 307-256-7849 or email us at

Oil Gas Industrys Trusted Energy Supplier: 1X Technologies

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At 1X we specialize in providing products and services that are beautiful yet amazingly reliable and functional. Our award-winning manufacturing designers bring passion and enthusiasm to every project. From stock on hard to find items to manufacturing a new product to meet your needs we have you covered.Take a look at our unique services and experience why working with 1X is different.