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Your Custom Cable Manufacturer.

Manufacturing. Distribution. Supply Chain. 

First, 1X Technologies is your Custom Cable Manufacturer with a Supply Chain! We built our manufacturing and distribution infrastructure through a combination of strategic acquisitions, factory consolidation, capital investments, and lean-partnerships.

Today, as a state-of-the-art Custom Cable Manufacturer, we utilize facilities throughout the USA.


We can help you with any of these custom cable manufacturers services:

1- custom cable assembly manufacturers.

2- cable assembly houses.

3 – custom wire and cable manufacturers.

4 – medical cable assembly manufacturers.

5 – cable assembly supplier.

6 – cable manufacturing & assembly company.

7 – cable assembly.

8 – custom rf cable assemblies.



Custom Cable Assembly Manufacturers.

Custom Cable Assembly Products & Services

1X Technologies LLC excels at providing you with custom cable assemblies. We provide custom jacketing, Custom Bundling, Custom twisting, Custom tray cable, Custom printing and marking, and Custom twisted pairs. Our Custom Cable Assemblies are built 100% to your specifications and are UL Listed.

  • Fully customizable configurations. Choose any gauge size, any color, any stranding, and any wire type! It can be anything from building wire, electronic cable, coax, fiber optic and Belden Equivalents too!
  • We print an Alpha-numeric ID  every 1-1/2″ on each of your conductors for easy identification.
  • Continuous sequential footage tape is applied for stability. 
  • Finally, our Custom Cable Assemblies are manufactured with strong resin bonded nylon to make our products second to none in quality.



Straight Configuration - Custom Cable Assembly

Custom Straight Configuration Cable Assembly

Our custom Straight Configurations are ideal for electronic cable composites. Additionally, they work great when assembly will be laid in one place. or when conductors will be broken out at unspecified intermediate points along the run.

Spiral Configuration 1 - Custom Cable Assembly, Custom Cable Manufacturers

Custom Spiral Configuration

Our Custom spiral configurations are ideal for home runs and applications involving large numbers of conductors.

Staggered Drop Configuration - Custom Cable Assembly, Custom Cable Manufacturers

Staggered and Drop Configurations

Specifically, Staggered cable assemblies are ideal for installations where drop points can be specified at the time of your order. Furthermore, you can use Drop assemblies when your breakout points are unknown at time of order

1X Technologies Custom Bundling

Bundled Cable Assembly, custom cable manufacturers, Custom Cable assembly.jpg
  • We bundle just about any type of wire from 1 AWG to 18 AWG, cable sizes from 1/8″ to 2½“. 
  • Specifically, you may specify your wire type, gauge, color, and stranding. We bundle building wire, data cables – Cat 3, Cat 5, Cat 5E, Fiber, Electronic, Coax, Audio, and many other styles.
  • Custom printing is available on every order. 
  • We manufacture Straight, Spiral or Staggered configurations.
  • We offer the fastest turnaround times in the industry.

Custom Jacketing – UL® Listed – Outdoor protection for Premise Cable

Custom Tray Cable, Custom Control Cable, Custom Cable Manufacturers, Custom Assembly House, Custom Wire & Cable Suppliers
  • Custom PVC Tray Rated Cables available. Please specify
  • Direct Burial Cables available. Please specify
  • Sunlight Resistant Cables available. Please specify
  • Low Density, High Molecular weight PE Jacket suitable for outdoor use
  • 18 AWG and larger, from 0.100” up to .77” core diameter
  • Jacket wall thickness available from 30-80 mil
  • Custom Printing available on this item. 
  • Just a 100-ft. minimum order quantity is required. 
  • Your order will be shipped in only one week.

Custom Shielding

  Belden 9841 Equal Made in the USA, Custom Cable Manufacturers, Custom Print available
  • Mylar or Foil Shielding using longitudinal wrap

Custom Printing

  • Alpha-numeric, characters, symbols, words
  • Stripes – spiral or longitudinal, multi-colored, hash marks, etc.
Twisted Wire - Custom Cable manufacturers, Custom cable assembly house

Custom Twisted Pairs – Custom Twisting

Gauges: 8-18 AWG, stranded or solid.

  • Up to Twelve conductor colors to choose from and stripes make hundreds of different color combinations
  • Up to 10,000 feet per reel
  • Lay length from 1-1/4” to 3-1/2
  • Custom striping, printing, jacketing, shielding and bundling also available
  • Typically Shipped in just 1 to 3 days after receipt of order. 


Cable Assembly Masters. 1X Technologies LLC! 

1X Technologies. Your Hard-to-find Custom Cable Manufacturer.
1X Technologies. Your Hard-to-find Custom Cable Manufacturer.


Custom Cable Assembly House 

Custom Cable Assembly House Specifics

When it comes to Custom Cable Assembly, we are second to none. We manufacture custom cables for specific applications based on your design and print requirements. We assist with cable and connector selection, layout, and manufacturing techniques. Additionally, we offer top of the line computer-aided design (CAD).

Short Custom Manufactured Runs made quickly!

As a Custom Cable assembly house, we also provide short-run manufacturing, or “Prototyping” prior to mass production.

Furthermore, when it comes to speed, we can not be beaten. Our manufacturing facilities have multiple distribution centers across the country. Specifically, we make use of hubs that are within a one or two-day shipping points to nearly all parts of the USA.

Continually Growing our Custom Cable reach

We are making continued investment in our U.S. operations. We believe the steps we’ve taken thus far in our company lifespan has created a world-class platform for you and your company to order custom cables. Ultimately, this ensures you get the industry-leading service you require.



Custom Wire and Cable Manufacturers – Dedicated Professional People. 

Blood, Sweat, and Tears of Custom Cable Manufacturing

When it comes to the people of 1X Technologies who put in the blood, sweat, and tears to make your cable perfect, they are second to none. Every day we work hard to deliver strong performance. We deliver to you so quickly because our people deliver top notch performance every single day.

We’ve built a culture that puts your needs first. Putting you first makes your life easier, and we work hard every day to make you happy. Furthermore, when you are happy it makes doing business simple and fun. When choosing a Custom Cable Manufacturer to work with, these are great reasons to choose us!

Do you need something custom made today? Our dedicated professional people are ready to respond.


1X Technologies. Your Hard-to-find Custom Cable Manufacturer.
1X Technologies. Your Hard-to-find Custom Cable Manufacturer.


Custom Medical Cable Assemblies & Advanced Custom Cable Technologies

State-of-Art Systems and Processes.

First and foremost, when it comes to our highly advanced medical cable assemblies, we are state-of-the-art. Specifically, we harness the best industry technology available in the industry to manufacture the products medical device manufacturers need, quickly, and with quality. Furthermore, we apply this same advanced technology to all of the various processes and systems in place to produce your medical device custom cable assembly.

Accordingly, we use technology to ensure our place as your Custom Medical Device Cable Manufacturer is secured. Ultimately, we challenge ourselves to continue designing time-saving methods. This reduces your cost. This improves communications. Most importantly it lets us deliver your custom medical device cable quickly!

1X Technologies – Because You Require Quality Medical Cable Assemblies, Quickly!


1X Technologies. Your Hard-to-find Custom Cable Manufacturer.
1X Technologies. Your Hard-to-find Custom Cable Manufacturer.



Best-In-Class Specialty Logistics for a Custom Cable Assembly Supplier

As the leading Custom Cable Assembly Supplier for our customers, we continue to implement the latest technology in all areas of our business. Specifically, this discipline is highlighted in our specialty logistics when delivering our Custom Cable Assemblies.

As your Custom Cable Manufacturer, we continually set the bar for performance. We do this by utilizing best-practices in the industry. We believe in holding ourselves accountable. Accountable to perform at the highest levels, always. Utilizing hot shot carriers, air transport, and great trucking companies like FedEx Freight Priority, we deliver, fast!

Our Specialty Logistics allow us to help you get your cable fast.


1X Technologies. Your Hard-to-find Custom Cable Manufacturer.
1X Technologies. Your Hard-to-find Custom Cable Manufacturer.



Your Best Cable Manufacturing & Assembly Company

To begin with, We make the finest cable in the world. We are constantly working to exceed your expectations. We are truly your best cable manufacturing & assembly company, and we would love to have a chance to earn your business.

Uniquely, we can produce your custom cable quickly. Specifically, often making your cables in just days instead of months. Notably, many of our cables are made and inspected by hand.

Do you need a Belden Alternative? Would you like a General Cable Equal? Are you looking for a huge 1000 MCM wire? How about a flexible multi-conductor cable assembly? You came to the right place!

As your Custom Cable Manufacturer, we can make just about anything. We do it with quality. We do it fast!

  1. Quality Electrical & Electronic Cables.
  2. Molded and Custom Cable Assemblies. Patch Cords. Fiber Assemblies.
  3. Short Run Capability. Fast turnaround.
  4. Alternatives to Belden. Equals to Alpha. Similar to Okonite. Equivalent to General Cable. Alternate to Quabbin. Equal to Mohawk.
  5. Hard to find sizes in stock:  700 MCM. 700 KCMIL. 800 MCM. 800 KCMIL. 900 MCM. 900 KCMIL. 1000 MCM. 1000 KCMIL. 1500 MCM. 1500 KCMIL. 2000 MCM. 2000 KCMIL. 2500 MCM. 2500 KCMIL. 3000 MCM. 3000 KCMIL. 3500 MCM.  3500 KCMIL. 4000 MCM. 4000 KCMIL. 4500 MCM. 4500 KCMIL. 5000 MCM. 5000 KCMIL. 5500 MCM. 5500 KCMIL. 6000 MCM. 6000 KCMIL.
  6. High-Temperature cables. 1000+ degrees F.  (Data.  Low Cap. Mid Cap. Industrial. Hook Up. Teflon.)
  7. Low-temperature cable. Flexible Arctic type Cables to -50C.
  8. Thousands of Colored conductors and jackets Available. – Colored Fire Alarm Cable. SOOW in Colors.
  9. European Cable in stock. Lapp. Olflex. Belden. DESINA. HAR. VDE. CE.
  10. Conductors:  1 to 1000+.
  11. Custom HDMI Cables.  Low Voltage Networking Solutions.
  12. Custom RF Cable Assemblies





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