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Custom Cable Manufacturer Near Me, Made in the USA

First, If you searched for a “custom cable manufacturer near me” you came to the right place! 1X Technologies LLC manufactures all types of custom cable. Specifically, this includes custom electrical cable from 600 volts up to 550 KV and custom electronic cable like Belden equivalents and advanced specifications in low voltage wires and cables.

Additionally, we have local distribution capabilities in every region of the United States. We serve your town with speed and quality.

Because you need someone who will support you locally, we have made partnerships with many of the top electrical distributors who represent 1X Technologies even in the small towns across America that are often forgotten.

We can send your order directly to your door, or we can send it to your local Home Depot Pro Desk or someone like Graybar Electric Supply.

We do it your way, we’ll do it right away!


#1 Best Custom Cable Manufacturer near me

Formidably, 1X Technologies has earned the title of best custom cable manufacturer.

Furthermore, We are the #1 custom cable manufacturer because we offer you two things most others can not. Specifically Speed and service that is unparalleled throughout the global wire & cable industry.

We give you the best quality products manufactured faster than anyone else.

It’s no coincidence we are number one when customers search for the best “custom cable manufacturer near me”. It’s not even close!

Remember, 1X is #1 in Speed: No one will make your custom cable faster than us. Period. 

Additionally, 1X is #1 in Service:  We go the extra mile to ensure you and your customer are happy.


Fastest Emergency Cable Manufacturer

Again, 1X is the fastest cable manufacturer for your emergency project situations.

We commonly come to the rescue for our customers when they have an emergency and need cable now!

When you don’t have time to wait 8 weeks for a delivery and your high dollar project requires cable now, skip all the nonsense and call us to get you back on track.

We commonly cut your lead time down by 80% or more! Sometimes manufacturing cable in just 1 day! Imagine how much money we save our customers who are in a bind! Let us help you today.


Because You Require Quality, Quickly!®

“It is the Mission of 1X Technologies LLC to provide electrical professionals with advanced Wire & Cable related products and knowledge that completely fulfills their requirements.

We offer value through speed, ingenuity, and the ability to provide unique solutions that others can’t. Our friendly, knowledgeable, and professional staff will truly go the extra mile to help inspire, educate, and problem-solve for our customers.

We’re here “Because You Require Quality, Quickly!®”



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