Coaxial Cable – Audio/HDMI – Belden Equivalent

Coaxial Cable – Coax Audio / HDMI – Belden Equivalents

1X Technologies LLC is a leader in high-end, advanced bulk Coaxial cable products including Belden and Equals to many other high-end brands. However, because we sell high-quality coax cable that does not mean we will not compete with cheap coaxial cable suppliers. We absolutely have cheap standard grade products that are cost competitive with anyone if you are trying to save a buck, but we will always try to sell high-quality high-performance products that are truly exceptional like Belden or similar high-quality manufacturers and their equivalents.

Our Coaxial Cable or “Coax cable” typically has an inner conductor surrounded by tubular insulating layers, surrounded by a conducting shield. Furthermore, many of our custom and specialty coaxial cables also have a specialty insulating outer sheath or jacket which can be manufactured in many different styles.

We typically sell Coaxial Cable in standard reel sizes like 500 Feet, 1000 Feet, 2500 Feet, and 5000 Feet, but we do custom cut to length on many items so just let us know what you need.



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Belden or Equivalents in Precision Video Coax Cable

Belden 1694A and equivalents are the top precision video coax cables of choice. Whether you require Belden brand or if you can use an equivalent for your precision video coaxial cable we will be sure to provide you with the best coax cable for SD-SDI, HD-SDI, and 1080p/60 (3G) applications. If you require a cable that has been sweep-tested to 4.5GHz for HD/3G production or swept to even higher bandwidths for 4K transmission, please keep us in mind. We are ready to give you the high definition quality you crave.

Belden Individual Jacket Coaxial Cable or Equivalent – Cross Reference

Rating Series Type Belden Part Number
12.0 GHz Type 7 Riser 4794R
6.0 GHz Mini RG-59 Riser 1855A
RG-59 Riser 1505A
RG-6 Riser 1694A
Type 7 Riser 1794A
RG-11 Riser 7731A
4.5 GHz Ultra-miniature Riser 179DT
Mini RG-59 Plenum 1855P
RG-59 Plenum 1506A
Flexible 1505F
RG-6 Plenum 1695A
Flexible 1694F
Waterblock 1694WB
RG-11 Plenum 7732A
Waterblock 7731WB


Belden Video Snake Coax or Equivalent – Cross Reference

Base Coax Snake Type # of Base Coax Belden Part Number
1855A Overall Jacketed 3 7787A
4 7788A
5 7789A
6 7790A
10 7791A
12 7792A
16 2178A
Banana Peel 3 1855S3
5 1855S5
6 1855S6
1505A Overall Jacketed 3 7794A
4 7795A
5 7796A
10 7798A
Banana Peel 3 1505S3
5 1505S5
6 1505S6
1694A Overall Jacketed 2 1694D
3 7710A
4 7711A
5 7712A
10 7713A
Banana Peel 3 1694S3
5 1694S5
6 1694S6
1695A Banana Peel 3 1695S3
5 1695S5
6 1695S6
1794A Overall Jacketed 5 2177A



Belden HD Coaxial Cable or Equivalent

1X Technologies LLC commercial grade video coax cable from Belden or Equivalent offers superior image quality with low return loss. These coax cables are suitable for many HD and video display applications. All of our HD Coaxial cables, whether from Belden or our equivalents have a tinned copper braid shield (85% – 100% coverage) and bonded Foil shield (100% coverage) for effective shielding in high-frequency applications. Additionally, our coax cables have high-density foaming technology to ensure the reliable signal integrity and better video images. Furthermore, Belden has design features which make using one-piece compression connectors easier and faster for your installation.


Series Type Belden Part Number
Miniature RG-59 Riser 1371R
Plenum 1371P
RG-59 Riser 1370R
Plenum 1370P
RG-6 Riser 1369R
Plenum 1369P



Belden or Equal CATV Cable Cross Reference

A broad offering of both Belden and Belden Equivalent cables are available to you with options that include indoor (CM, CMR, CMP), messengered as well as direct-burial versions, and custom constructions.

Direct Burial CATV cables are typically constructed with flooding grease on the outer shield to provide maximum moisture protection, but we also have other options to “Flood” proof the cable. Ask your sales member if you need a specialized water block technology because we have a lot of options in this area. Your Belden or Equivalent CATV Cable is Engineered to meet or exceed ANSI/SCTE 74 industry standard requirements. Furthermore, these constructions are provided with premium standard foil/braid, tri, or quad shielding to provide the maximum levels of RF leakage/interference protection.


Series Shielding Rating Belden Part Number
RG-59 Duofoil + 96% TC Braid Plenum 89108
Duobond II + 67% Al Braid General 9104
Messenger 9105M
Plenum 9104P
Duobond III + 67% Al Braid General 9110
Duofoil + 54% and 47% TC Braid Plenum 1151A
Duobond IV + 67% and 46% Al Braid General 1186A
RG-6 Duobond II + 60% Al Braid General 9116
Riser 9116R
Plenum 9116P
Burial 9066
Messenger 9117M
Parallel 9077
Duobond II + 90% Al Braid General 1530AP
Plenum 1530P
Burial 1532A
Messenger 1531AM
Duobond III + 60% Al Braid General 9118
Burial 1837A
Messenger 9119M
Duobond III + 77% Al Braid General 1613A
Burial 1614A
Messenger 1615AM
Duobond IV 60% and 40% Al Braid General 1189A
Riser 1322R
Plenum 1189AP
Burial 1190A
Messenger 1191AM
Duobond Plus + 77% Al Braid General 9058
Burial 9062
Messenger 9059M
Duobond Plus 77% and 80% Al Braid General 7915A
Duofoil + 95% TC Braid Plenum 89120
Duofoil + 60% and 40% TC Braid Plenum 1152A
RG-11 Duobond II + 60% Al Braid General 1523A
Riser 1523R
Plenum 1523AP
Burial 1525A
Messenger 1524AM
Duobond III + 77% Al Braid Burial 7984A
Messenger 7983A
Duobond IV 60% and 40% TC Braids General 1617A
Burial 1618A
Messenger 1619AM
Duobond Plus + 77% Al Braid General 9064
Burial 9764
Messenger 9065M
Duofoil + 40% Al Braid General 9011
Duofoil + 60% and 40% TC Braids Plenum 1153A




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