Advanced Computer Cable & Datacom Cable

Advanced Computer Cable & Datacom Cable

Equivalents to Belden Computer Cable & Datacom 

If you are looking for a price quote on advanced technology computer and control cables including equivalents to Belden, Equals to General Cable, and similar to Corning you have come to the right place. Specifically, 1X Technologies manufactures and supplies the highest quality cable with most Wire & Cable products made in the USA!

Conversely, if you require a down and dirty low price on category cables we also sell contractor grade products from overseas.  Specifically, we do this in order to compete with all of the cheap material being imported. The major difference is we ensure all of our imported computer cables are ETL or UL certified and are better quality than much of what others supply. We will never offer imported material for Buy American projects, and we are proud of our Computer cable that we manufacture here in the USA and will always lead to the higher quality, American made products first.

Advanced Computer Cable & Datacom Styles: 


  • #1 Supplier of high-quality Patch Cords
  • Advanced Category Cables – Cat3, Cat5 Cable, Cat5e and Cat6 Cables – Made in the USA
  • Contractor Grade Cat 3, Cat 5, Cat 5e, and Cat 6 – Made in Asia  (Not Buy American Approved)
  • RS-485 Computer Cable – Equals to Belden
  • Industrial Communication Cable
  • Signal Cable
  • Industrial Control Cable
  • Advanced Fiber Optic Cable – Equivalents to Corning
  • Instrument Cable – Instrumentation Cable
  • Composite Computer Cable
  • Equivalents to Belden Computer and Datacom Cable
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Multi-Conductor & Paired Computer Cable  & Datacom Cable

1X Technologies LLC offers you the broadest line of UL Listed, NEC and CEC multi-conductor computer and Datacom cables in the world. Accordingly, our paired designs allow balanced signal transmission, which results in much lower crosstalk through common mode rejection. Due to the improved noise immunity of twisted pairs, they generally permit higher data speeds than multiconductor cables.

1X Technologies offers Equivalents to Belden Multi-conductor and Paired Products that deliver low voltage analog data & signal transmission. Because of this, the product line works well within computer systems, control systems, and many other data comm situations.

Datacom & Computer Cable Shielding

1X Technologies meets your demand for shielding technology with innovative designs in foil and braid configurations like advanced aluminum foil shielding. Specifically, this is good for EMI and RFI protection. 100% shield coverage for improved protection against radiated emissions and ingress at audio and radio frequencies.

Datacom & Computer Cable Product Consistency

Manufactured in a top of the line manufacturing facility, 1X Technologies state of the art processes assures quality. Specifically, an unmatched quality that is designed into each of your products. Additionally, product consistency for ease of termination and assembly is a mainstay of our product line. Furthermore, we are proud of our broad product offering including being the best manufacturer for equivalents to Belden.