Submersible Submarine Power Cable

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USA Manufacturer of Submarine Power Cables

1X Technologies manufactures the largest selection of custom and complex submersible submarine power cables in the USA for companies like ABB, Chevron, and Siemens.

We often step in when you require a custom design, or large outside diameter XXL submersible submarine cable that others can not make.

We manufacture submarine cables two to three times the size of our competitors and typically manufacture as little as 500 Feet for you, fairly quickly.


Uses and Applications for Submarine Power Cable

There are three main uses for submarine power cable.

  1. First, Signal or communications submarine cable. The submarine cables which lay across the oceans are typically communications cables transporting signals from country to country.
  2. Second, control cable for switches, thermostats, and other equipment that keep a system running efficient.
  3. Third, submersible power cable. This is the type of submarine cable that transmits higher voltages from point A to point B. These submarine power cables can be transmitting anywhere from 600 Volts to 500,000 volts of electricity.


Submarine Power Cable Components – Signal, Control, and Power

Many times a cable will have all three of these components included within one complex submarine power cable.

  1. Signal Conductors such as 16 AWG or 18 AWG shielded 300V, or Fiber Optic Cable for Submarine Communications.
  2. Control Conductors such as 10 AWG or 12 AWG 600V, conductors may reach hundreds or thousands.
  3. Power Conductors from 8 AWG up to 6000 KCMIL, from 600V to 500KV submersible.


Custom Submersible Power Cable for Submarine Undersea Use

It’s understood that no two underwater submarine cable projects are identical.

Each subsea submarine cable has to be designed to fulfill its own unique purpose, taking into account transmission distance, water depth, sea currents, risks of damage, etc.

Since your submersible cable is the most vital part of your underwater transmission project, it must be of a robust, reliable design to ensure the longest possible service life.

That is why we often produce a prototype, or a short length of cable that is then thoroughly tested both electrically and mechanically under realistic operating conditions. This means that both the customer and 1X Technologies is assured of reliable submersible submarine power cable operation.

Contact us today for more information on how we can help you with your submersible power cable for submarine applications.



The first transcontinental Submarine Communications Cable was laid in 1858. It was run from Ireland to Newfoundland, and made telegraph communication possible between England and Canada.

Thanks to the major investments made and the ingenuity of cable manufacturers, nearly “Instant” communication became a massive hit, and it prompted a major submarine cable laying boom. By the year 1900, there were already over 130,000 miles (200,000 km) of cable running along the ocean floor!

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