Teflon PFA-H 250C High Temp Wire

PFAHX250C / Teflon® PFA-H 250C High Temp Wire.

1X Technologies LLC (UL) listed TYPE PFA-H (1X-PFAHX250C) special insulated with Extruded PFA (Perfluoro-alkoxy) fluoropolymer for general wiring use features a wide operating temperature from (-80C to 250C). This high-temperature cable also exhibits outstanding resistances to oil, UV light, abrasion and other harsh environmental agents. Electrical properties include high dielectric strength and low loss dielectric constant, allowing for a smaller overall diameter compared to PVC or XLP. Longer continuous lengths are available compared to PTFE insulated wire. (UL) PFA-H (1X-PFAHX) is RoHS and Reach compliant. Standard AWG sizes range from 4/0 to 14 AWG, but other sizes can be manufactured upon request.  Additionally, custom colors, stripes, and conductor stranding is available to you.

1X PFAHX250C / Teflon® PFA-H 250C High Temp Lead Wire Features.

  • Premium Nickel Plated Copper/PFA.
  • Over 20% smaller in diameter than braided cables.
  • -80°C to 250°C (482°F) / 600 Volt UL Listed.
  • Extra High-Temperature rating over 270% greater that of THHN.
  • Teflon® Products may be immersed in Water, Oil, Gas, and Hydrocarbons. * Teflon® is a registered trademark of DuPont.
  • Exhibits excellent resistance to chemicals.
  • Much Longer continuous manufacturing runs than regular PTFE.
  • Teflon® PFAH exhibits exceptional high-temperature resistance.
  •  Teflon® PFAH exhibits great stress crack resistance with a high flex life.
  • Flexible nature and small diameter profile provide for easy cost saving installations.
  • Produces very little smoke if burned.
  • Slides rather than tears due to no braid.
  • Abrasion resistance helps eliminate cut-through and other damage that can occur during installation and use.
  • Clean, smooth, and attractive terminations are possible due to the lack of a braid that can fray when cut and stripped.
  • Type PFAH conductors for general wiring are 100% glass-free and are OSHA acceptable.


About PFA-H Cable (PFAHX250C).

Perfluoroalkoxy alkanes or PFA are fluoropolymers. They are copolymers of tetrafluoroethylene (C2F4) and perfluoroethers (C2F3ORf, where Rf is a perfluorinated group such as trifluoromethyl (CF3)). In terms of their properties, these polymers are similar to polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). The big difference is that the alkoxy substituents allow the polymer to be melt-processed. On a molecular level, PFA has a smaller chain length and higher chain entanglement than other fluoropolymers. It also contains an oxygen atom at the branches. This results in a material that is more translucent and has improved flow, creep resistance, and thermal stability close to or exceeding PTFE. Similarly, advantaged processing properties are found in fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP), the copolymer of tetrafluoroethylene and hexafluoropropylene.

PFA is commonly used as a material for piping and fittings for aggressive chemicals, as well as the corrosion-resistant lining of vessels in the chemical-processing industry. Typical applications are in the construction of gas scrubbers, reactors, containment vessels, piping, and now 1X Technologies special PFA-H / PFAHX250C Wire & Cable. In coal-fired power plants, PFA is even used as lining for heat exchangers. By channeling crude gas through the PFA-lined apparatus the gas stream can be cooled beyond its condensation temperature without damaging the heat exchanger. Its use contributes to increasing the efficiency of the whole plant. With that said, you can be sure your Teflon® PFA-H Wire & Cable from 1X Technologies will withstand even the harshest conditions in the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries!

You Have Options, We have Solutions!

  • 300V, 1KV, 2kV versions also available.
  • Manufactured in Multi-conductor versions.
  • Many colors available.
  • Custom constructions up to 1000 MCM Available.

Note: *Please specify color. Last digit in 1X Technologies LLC Wire Part#:-1 tan, -0 black, -2 red, -3 orange, -4 yellow, -5 green, -6 blue, -7 purple, -8 gray, -9 white. Stripe color example -100 tan base color with two black stripes.

** Ampacity based on a single conductor in free air at an ambient air temperature of 40°C (104°F).


Teflon® PFA-H / PFAHX250C Specifications

Check 1X Part # AWG Nominal Overall Diameter
1X250-14PFAHX-* 14 0.109 “
1X250-12PFAHX-* 12 0.126 “
1X250-10PFAHX-* 10 0.150 “
1X250-8PFAHX-* 8 0.223 “
1X250-6PFAHX-* 6 0.264 “
1X250-4PFAHX- * 4 0.328 “
1X250-2PFAHX- * 2 0.370 “
1X250-1PFAHX- * 1 0.472 “
1X250-1/0PFAHX- * 1/0 0.518 “
1X250-2/0PFAHX- * 2/0 0.571 “
1X250-3/0PFAHX- * 3/0 0.579 “
1X250-4/0PFAHX- * 4/0 0.695 “


Standards & Environmental Programs
NEC / (UL) Specification         UL Type PFAH  (1X-PFAHX)
Temperature  -196C to 250C
Suitability Indoor, Direct Burial, Wet (90C),  Special Application Dry (250C)
Resistance Water, Oil, Gas, Sunlight, Abrasian, Acid
Flame Test VW-1 / UL 1581 / IEEE 383
Reach / RoHS Compliant YES
 PFAH High Temp Wire - 250C TEFLON PFA Cable, High Temperature Cable, Equivalent to Belden

The Best Manufacturers and Suppliers of High-Temperature Wire & Cable

First, 1X Technologies has been a leader in the development of innovative high-temperature wire and cable products. We offer you one of the most diversified lines in the world. In fact, we manufacture a broad line of high-temperature products. For this reason, 1X Technologies “Ultra High Temp” cable is designed for rugged environments. Ultimately, it has been proven to meet the needs of many industries including glass plants, steel plants, and oil refineries.

Furthermore, our growing manufacturing capabilities allow us to offer you a complete high temperature, tray, instrumentation, and thermocouple cable in the industry. Specifically, we focus on providing solutions for industries like Oil & Gas, petrochemical, utility, renewable energy, food processing, pulp & paper, automotive, steel, and glass.

Because we utilize more than 5 million square feet of strategically located, state-of-the-art, ISO-certified High-Temperature manufacturing and distribution facilities, we can handle any size job you are working on. Accordingly, We back our products with outstanding customer service and provide all of the technical application support and assistance you need. Ultimately, count on 1X to be your complete High-Temperature cable solution. Finally, should you need more information on products, application or standards, do not hesitate to call us at 1-888-651-9990?