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Customer Testimonials about 1X Technologies:

Here are some customer testimonials that we think speak volumes about how we do business. We’re always looking for feedback from our customers so if you have something to say about 1X Technologies LLC just let us know! Additionally, you may visit our Facebook page to leave your own review and join over 130,000 others who have followed us, making 1X Technologies the largest Wire & Cable company in the world on social media. We would love an opportunity to serve you so let us know if we can help with your current requirements.

Customer Testimonials – Government.


“Saved me $320 on a $1680 purchase. 1X brute forced their way through inventory for about 30 seconds before finding me the best cable option.” – Jason, U.S. Department of Defense
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“I’m shocked that you actually got us the 9841 cable equal so quickly. Our lead time for the Belden cable was 6 weeks and we just couldn’t wait that long. Getting it to my job in 2 weeks was really a huge help. Will order again.” Martin, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

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“The CPE Cable was just what we needed. We appreciate you going the extra mile to help us.”Kate, U.S. Navy

Customer Testimonials, US Navy Logo - 1X Customers


“I will gladly respond with a recommendation. My team was truly inspired by what you did for us on our last cable order. When we initially saw your quote the price was twice as much as we usually pay, but your expedited 3-day manufacturing time may have saved us millions of dollars for not having to delay our drop dead date by 9 weeks. In the end, paying double to get our order by the end of the week was one of the best deals I have seen in purchasing. We really appreciate you guys and as you can see, I have CC’d our entire procurement department.”  – Mike, NASA

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Customer Testimonials – Electrical Distribution.


“Your Price was 50% less on the Belden 88760 Equal. I didn’t expect to get Free Shipping, so that was a plus. I’ll be back again on my next order.”  –  Trent, HD Supply, HD Supply Power Solutions, HD Supply Wire & Cable, HD Supply Anixter, Anixter HD Supply


“We got the Olflex equal in this morning. All 328′ Reels looked good. I will keep you in mind more often now that I know you can deliver my wire in 1 day.”  – Neal, Crescent Electric Supply


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“Wow! That was a quick quote. Our normal suppliers took 2 and 3 days to tell me they can’t help. 3 Minute Turn around LOL… If I get the order, you’ll get the order.”Bruce, Sonepar

Customer Testimonials, Sonepar USA


Customer Testimonials – Technology.

“1X Technologies is by far our best supplier for Cat 5 and Cat 6 Patch Cord harnesses. I don’t like to order from anyone else. Your small connectors fit perfectly in the Data Center and the labels make it very easy to read once installed. Keep up the good work.“Clint, Apple

Customer Testimonials, Apple


“I’ve never been able to find a better manufacturer for my colored multi-conductor tray cables for my critical environment. I can order just a few thousand feet, and it comes quickly every time.”Al, Microsoft

Microsoft, Customer Testimonials

“I appreciate the prompt response whenever I need something. Additionally, your plastic fiber reels make it far easier for our installation team because wood isn’t allowed in our data center. Thanks.” John, Facebook


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Customer Testimonials – Manufacturing.

“High-Temp Experts. Anything over 75C I’m calling you guys.”Ryan, Lockheed-Martin

Customer Testimonials, Lockheed Martin


“You did everything you said from the start, and I apologize for our miscommunication regarding delivery time. Making us just 500 feet of 1000 MCM 1KV RHH-RHW was a huge help for our project and saved us a lot of money. Thanks again. ”Connie, Hubbell

Customer Testimonials, Hubbell

“The one word that comes to mind is FUN. I love your facebook, keeping work light hearted!”  – Lisa, Coca-Cola

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