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A tradition of excellence… Exceptional Performance.

Welcome to 1X Technologies Cable Company. We’re here, Because You Require Quality, Quickly!

1X Technologies is a global manufacturer supplier & distributor of electrical solutions for Network & Security, Electrical & Electronic, and Utility Power.

We manufacture and supply you with all types of copper and aluminum electrical and electronic wire & cable, made in the USA with the finest materials available from a network of the best vendors on the planet.

With thousands of products in stock, you have access to the largest wire and cable product offering in the world.

Furthermore, we will engineer and make you whatever you need with the fastest lead time and lowest minimum order quantities in the industry.

From your everyday wires and cables to your obscure, hard-to-find specialty cables, 1X Technologies has just what you need.

Most importantly, we only produce quality wire and cable with all the certifications that you can trust.

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Capabilities to Meet Your Specific Needs

1X Technologies LLC has been serving the needs of our customers for over 30 years, with brands that consistently rank as leaders in the markets they serve. Our innovative technical expertise and extensive manufacturing capabilities enable us to deliver exceptional value.

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We strive to provide not only a broad range of top-quality wire and cable products but also a dedicated commitment to service. Our engineers work with customers to design cost-effective solutions to the challenges that they face.


Our Products Serve a Wide Range of Industries

You’ll find 1X Technologies LLC products serving a wide and diverse group of industries.

These industries include Electrical, Voice/Data, Electronic, Irrigation, Cord, Industrial and Engineered Products.

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Custom Wire & Cable Capabilities

Our custom wire & cable capabilities are extensive and range from basic procedures such as cutting, stripping, terminating, and marking to custom shielding, overmolding, and connectorization. We are capable of providing specialized assemblies, wire harnesses, braiding/armoring, mil-spec cables, private label packaging, and special colors. All of our products are subjected to extensive internal quality evaluations as well as stringent third-party testing to ensure the highest quality cable is provided to our customers.

1XTECH’s customers asked for an easier process to design, budget, and purchase their custom electrical wire & cable. We have spent many years working nationally and internationally, delivering millions of feet of copper and aluminum conductors, and creating strong relationships with each client.

When you become a 1XTECH client, you become a part of our 1XTECH family. Our priority is and always will be our customers. Customer satisfaction is our primary measure of successful performance and the best indicator of this satisfaction is our growing list of repeat clients and referred wire & cable projects.

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Sustainable Solutions from 1X Technologies

First and foremost, 1X Technologies Cable Company strives to build environmental sustainability into everything we do. In addition to this, our team takes pride in empowering you while continuously lowering our impact on the environment.

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Truly, we love to deliver you unbelievably amazing value!

Our value is delivered not just in our top-of-the-line wire & cable products, but we also provide value by offering you better options for preserving the world we live in.

Undoubtedly, our goal is to always exceed your expectations and the expectations of the local communities where we do business.

This is why we supply a full line of quality wires & cables for your environmental sustainability projects.

This includes solar, electric vehicles, battery storage, wind, and utility transmission.


Made in America | 1X Technologies United States Wire & Cable Suppliers

1X Technologies is your go-to supplier when you need to comply with the Buy American Act to purchase a Wire or Cable that is Made in the USA.

We help you manufacture and sell wire & cable that keeps America moving, helping such organizations as The United States Army Corps of Engineers with Equivalents to Belden Cable, the United States Navy with Submarine Cables, and NASA together with SpaceX with High-Temperature cables.

We know that using quality products that are made in America is important to you. We have your back!

1XTECH Manufacturing Quality Wire and Cable in the USA

1XTECH Quality Wire and Cable in the USA




1X Technologies Wire & Cable Clients Served Around the World

With our many longtime, loyal customers located all around the world, 1X Technologies prides itself in being top suppliers for the best cable manufacturing experts, and in supplying you with electrical cables and wires for your projects in the United States and globally.

1X Technologies supplies quality wire & cable to its customers with first-in-class, knowledgeable market and product application experts, standard same-day shipments, 99.99% order accuracy, just-in-time delivery, and 24/7/365 service through our network of representatives and authorized distributors.


Copper Building Wire and Cable Manufacturers Best Pricing in the industry


We’d Love to Partner with You

It is the mission of 1X Technologies to provide you with advanced wire & cable-related products and knowledge that completely fulfills your requirements. We offer value through speed, ingenuity, and the ability to provide unique solutions that others can’t. Our friendly, knowledgeable, and professional staff will truly go the extra mile to help inspire, educate, and problem-solve for your project. We would love a chance to partner with you, and to become your Go-To Wire & Cable suppliers.

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