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You just found the BEST wire and cable suppliers in the USA.  We manufacture quality cables very quickly and have stock on what you need!

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  • Belden Cable and Belden Equivalent Pricing.
  • 1000 MCM, 1250 MCM, 1500 MCM, 2000 MCM, 2500 MCM, 3000 MCM, 3500 MCM, 4000 MCM, 4500 MCM, 5000 MCM Copper and Aluminum Cable.
  • High-Temperature Wire, high temp cable manufacturing.
  • Multi-Conductor Industrial Cables
  • Just about every type of wire & cable you can imagine with millions of feet of Wire & Cable Products in stock. 


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  • 100% Guaranteed Product Quality: Your order is guaranteed to perform and be free of any manufacturing defects giving you piece of mind on every purchase.
  • Free Shipping: Free shipping is available for you on every order.
  • Fast Delivery: Over 80% of our wire & cable orders are delivered to you within 1 to 2 days after shipment. Same day delivery available in emergencies.
  • #1 in Social Proof: The Largest Wire & Cable Supplier in the world on Social Media. Over 130,000 1X Technologies Facebook Fans make us larger than all of the other wire & cable manufacturers and distributors on social media, and it’s not even close. We are fun, informative, and always go the extra mile for our customers, helping us to gain quite a following. Social Media ensures you can always contact us for answers no matter where you are in the world. See what Coca-Cola thinks about us on our customer testimonials page.



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Brands who trust 1X Technologies for their Wire & Cable: 

We have worked with a large portion of Fortune 1000 companies, government organizations, and brands in unique spaces who utilize many different types of wire & cable. We have experience providing excellent service to many of the top brands in the world and you may view some of what our customers say on our customer testimonials page:



Knowledgeable, Innovative, and Tech Savvy staff.

First, 1X Technologies wire and cable products are based upon strong engineering principles. Truly backed by years of research and testing. Specifically, it’s no wonder we’re becoming known as the leading resource for wire and cable information.

Truly, our people are our best assets. With this in mind, we want you to count on us when you need wire and cable that is hard to find.

Quality Guaranteed.

Ultimately, our name represents quality. It stands for innovation. Most of all it stands for trust.

In fact, our stakeholders trust that we always do the right thing. In a word, we do business the right way.

First, we care for our people. Second, we care for our planet. Finally, we focus on how our products can enhance the world.

In our pursuit of perfection, we’re improving lean manufacturing. Above all, we want to continuously improve our turn around time. We want to continuously improve our already amazing quality.

Finally, we proudly stand behind all of our products. Notwithstanding, everything you buy from 1X Technologies LLC is guaranteed.


100% Confidence.

First, selecting the right manufacturer is very important to your success.

Ultimately, working with the right supplier gives you an edge in purchasing. In turn, this helps you drive more revenue.

In the long run, partnering with us means trust. Truly, we are entering into a trusting partnership that lasts.

Without a doubt, we work together with you each step of the way. By and large, this begins with our initial product design. Specifically, perfecting each electrical characteristic of your product through data analysis. Obviously, communicating with you through the production and testing is important. In short, We listen to you. In reality, We provide support throughout the lifecycle of your product. All in all, you matter and you will know it.

Remember, think of us when you need hands on assistance with research and development. Specifically, when you need the very best technical support. Definitely, When you need a first article built fast. Surely, when quality matters. Think of us when delivery is urgent.

Overall, you rely on our best in class customer service team. Day in and day out you rely on our knowledge. Surely, you expect to be serviced with the most experienced technical support imaginable. Certainly, you count on our top-notch engineering staff.

You can trust that we have your best interest in mind.  Always.


Responsibility & Sustainability.

Indeed, Safety and environmental sustainability take priority for us. Notably, these are the priority for every product we manufacture. For example, we manufacture and supply products that are extensively tested. Certainly, we do this to ensure safety and quality. You can buy UL, CSA, CE, ETL, and VDE certified material. We also supply RoHS compliant products.


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