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When it comes to Armored Cable and Metal Clad Cable, 1X Technologies is your go-to source. We offer you the large sizes others will not and we are the only choice when it comes to making a short run of large MC or Armored cable, quickly!

Truly, we are the best Armored Wire & Cable Manufacturer and Supplier in the United States when it comes to providing you with the best quality and the most choices.

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We Manufacture and Supply High-Temperature Wire in these popular styles for you:

  • Custom Armored Cable
  • Custom MC Cable
  • Teck 90 Armour  
  • Aluminum Interlocked Armor (AIA-MC)
  • Continuous Corrugated Weld Armor (CCW-MC)  (MC-HL)
  • Fire Alarm MC Cable [Fire Alarm Control Cable – Compare to Southwire RedAlert]
  • HCF Hospital Grade MC Cable
  • Large sized Copper MC
  • Large sized Aluminum MC
  • MC Fixture Whips



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When to use an armored cable?

Refer to the National Electrical Code® Article 320, armored cable, or Type AC. Refer to NEC® Article 330 for Metal Clad Cable or Type MC.  Both AC and MC Cable provide a quick, efficient, protective measure when wiring up new construction and remodeling. You would typically use an armored cable in any situation where you need your conductors protected. This can be from fire, from being crushed, or from other potential damage, especially in a potentially dangerous environment.

Armored cables and MC Cable may be installed in trays, racks, hangers. It eliminates your need for conduit.  Armored Cables are suitable for indoor and outdoor installation in a wide array of applications, see the NEC for further reference.

Some armor cables can be used in Classes I, II and III, Division 1 and 2, hazardous locations. Ask us about armored cable glands!


Armored Cable Sizes.

We manufacture Armored Cables from 44 AWG up to 6000 MCM, single conductor through hundreds of smaller conductors. We make UL styles through 2000 MCM, and Custom sizes using UL or other designations you need up to 6000 MCM. However, typically the large sizes we see requested the most are 250 MCM, 300 MCM, 350 MCM, 400 MCM, 500 MCM, 750 MCM, and 1000 MCM.

Do you need an armored cable or an MC cable in a size or construction no one else seems to carry? We can typically make as little as 250 to 500 Feet of a custom size. We like a challenge so give us a shout!


Armored Cable Specification.

UL Type AC –

UL Type AC cable is manufactured to UL Standard 4. It consists of 2 to 4 copper conductors in sizes 14 AWG to 1 AWG inside an interlocked metal armor of steel or aluminum construction. UL Type AC cable can have no more than four insulated conductors plus a grounding conductor (for a total of 5 conductors only) and cannot be manufactured larger than 1 AWG per UL 4.

Armored Cable / Armoured Cabled Specification

When it comes to the specification of Armored or Armoured cables, which is also industry jargon for MC or Metal Clad style, we have nearly limitless options to offer you. Custom colors, custom sizes, custom jackets, custom voltages etc…

Armored Cable vs Metal Clad Cable.

Although there are many ideas of what a TRUE Armored cable is vs. a Metal Clad cable, we can just say it depends on where you are in the world, and who you are talking to. Yes, there are some differences between (AC) and (MC) when it comes to the UL designation, but like many things in the wire & cable industry, it’s not always so simple. Industry jargon aside, see above for UL specification on AC cable and see NEC difference between AC and MC cable. Other than that, the common worldwide use of Armored Cable, Armoured Cable, and MC cable are interchangeable.

Armored Cable Price List.

For a quick price list on your specialty armored cable or metal clad cable please reach out to your 1X Technologies salesperson. We typically provide pricing very quickly! We have the largest selection of wire and cable products in the world and we look forward to working with you and your team!