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1X Technologies High temperature wire is in stock and used in environments that require temp ratings over 125°C, 150°C, 200°C, 250°C, 450°C, up to 1400°C high temp Wire.  We stock a wide variety of sizes, colors, and styles of High-Temp cable, so please let us know how we may help you today.


We Manufacture and Supply High-Temperature Wire in these popular styles for you:



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High-Temperature Wire Types.


TGGT Wire / TGGT Cable.

1X Technologies stocks 250° C rated TGGT Wire, High-Temperature Wire in sizes ranging from 24 AWG through 4/0 AWG.

First, TGGT is an acronym which stands for TeflonGlassGlassTeflon. TGGT wire is a flexible stranded high-temp, nickel-coated, copper conductor with PTFE tapes, covered in fiberglass yarn wrap. Finally, a fiberglass braid jacket is applied over insulation and is treated with high-temp saturant. TGGT cable is commonly used in ovens, stoves, food warming equipment, as well as many other high-temperature applications.

 High-Temperature Wire & Cable Sizes, 1000 MCM and over 200C.

1X Technologies manufactures cables in our high-temperature line from 44 AWG up to 4000 MCM. Typically, 1000 MCM is the largest size called out, but we do at times make bigger sizes over 200 degrees C. If you need a cable or wire that is large, over 500 MCM and you need it to be rated 125C, 150C, 200C or higher give us a call.

Some of the larger sizes we make in high temp construction:

High-Voltage FEP High-Temperature Wire 1KV – 30KV.

1X Technologies Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP) high voltage wire is a specialty high-voltage, high-temperature wire.  High Voltage FEP High-Temperature Wire achieves high voltage protection due to the excellent dielectric properties of FEP, and therefore, has smaller diameters than many other high voltage wires.  Our high-voltage high-temp FEP wire also has a high-stress crack resistance. Additionally, it retains its toughness and flexibility even at higher temperatures, up to 200°C, and up to 35KV. Our High voltage hight temperature FEP wire is very resistant to chemicals including destructive transformer oils. FEP has a low coefficient of friction, low flammability, negligible moisture absorption, and excellent resistance to ozone sunlight and weather, making it perfect for your high-voltage, high-temperature application.





SF-2 Wire / SFF-2 Wire / SEW Cable (150 C/200 C).

1X Technologies SF-2 Wire and SFF-2 Wire is a Silicone Rubber, Glass Braid, High-Temperature Wire for motors, transformers, appliances, lighting fixtures, and power supplies.  SF-2 Wire and SFF-2 Wire is a single-conductor appliance wire suitable for wiring in high-temperature environments such as heating ovens, commercial cooking equipment, electric ranges, lighting fixtures, and many types of high heat producing equipment. SF-2 and SFF-2 wire’s are also dual rated as SEW. Additionally, SF2/SFF2/SEW Wire has a closely woven glass braid treated with a fray resistant, heat resistant, and moisture resisting finish that is applied over the insulation for mechanical protection. SF2/SEW2 is available from 1X Technologies in all colors.




SRML Wire – High-Temperature Motor Lead Wire (150 C/200 C).

SRML is an acronym that stands for Silicone Rubber Motor Lead. 1X Technologies SRML Wire features stranded, tin-plated, soft drawn annealed bare copper conductor, and comes rated to withstand 150C and 200C. Specifically, SRML Wire features extruded silicone rubber with overall, non-fraying, fiberglass braid with a glossy, high-temperature sheen.

1X Technologies SRML wire is a specialty high-temperature wire that is typically utilized as a motor lead wire for hazardous locations. Additionally, SRML is also used as a lead wire for electrical equipment in high-temperature environments. Accordingly, some applications for SRML include wiring all types of lighting fixtures and other high wattage units, sun lamps, therapeutic devices, etc. Finally, SRML wire performs well for you where both flexibility and fire resistance are imperative for your High-Temperature Wire.

 MG Wire and MGT Cable (450°C).

1X Technologies MGT Cabe, or MG Wire, is a super high-temperature cable with 27% nickel coated copper conductor. MG Wire and MGT Cable is insulated with glass reinforced mica tape with a high-temperature overall fiberglass braid. Specifically, this heat resistant build allows MGT cable or MG Wire to reach 450C or as high as 538C in a non-UL application. Finally, it’s important to note that our single conductor MG/MGT product is 600V rated, and can be found in very high-temperature environments. MG Wire and MGT Cable are used as High-Temperature Wire in high-heat environments like iron mills, steel mills, and glass plants.





FLAME 1000 Power Cable (450°C).

1X Technologies FLAME 1000 Style Cable is a 600V, 450C rated super High-Temperature Power Cable. You will order FLAME 1000 power cable in instances where you are working in critical environments where you must have the best heat protective cables possible. Flame 1000 High-Temp Wire is a flexible stranded, 27% nickel plated, annealed copper power cable that is insulated with a Phlogopite mica tape thermal barrier and a fluoropolymer tape moisture barrier. FLAME 1000 has a premium overall fiberglass braid sheath that has had a high-temp saturant applied to the High-Temperature Wire for added fire resistance. 1X Technologies manufactures Flame 1000 in different variations including Armored, Armor braid, and multiconductor constructions. Flame 1000 can withstand temperatures up to 2400 degrees Farenheight for limited exposure.




UL 3644 Wire, Braidless Silicone Insulation (200°C).

1X Technologies UL 3644 wire is a single conductor silicone/fiberglass/silicone UL 3644 (CSA AWM) construction that is very flexible and has a fiberglass braid for extra reinforcement and temperature protection. Similar to Sil-A-Blend 200 style wire, UL 3644 Wire is rated up to 200C and 1 kV. 1X Technologies UL 3644 is used primarily for internal wiring of appliances where the High-Temperature Wire is totally enclosed.



UL 3214 Silicone Wire (150°C).

1X Technologies UL 3214 Silicone Rubber High-Temperature Wire is rated to 150°C, and is suitable for 600-volt applications. UL 3214 has tinned copper conductors and a Silicone Rubber insulation. Finally, you may order UL 3214 cable style as Military Specification or “Mil-Spec” Type FF High-Temperature Wire.



Silicone Flexible Cable (150°C – 200°C).

1X Technologies Silicone Flexible Cable provides the advantages of all of our flexible silicone cables in a standard, low-cost package. Furthermore, our Silicone Flexible Cable cables use our ultra-flexible, tinned-copper wire conductors for maximum flexibility and extreme product life in your dynamic flexing applications. Additionally, Each Silicone Flexible High-Temperature cable is produced using a premium extrusion process, encasing the wire conductors in clear, flexible, yet durable silicone insulation. 1X Technologies Silicone Flexible Cable is best in diverse applications including aerospace, festoon systems, food and beverage, forestry, industrial automation, medical, packaging, printing, pulp and paper, and semiconductor, where millions of flex cycles are required in your High-Temperature Wire.



STJ and SFJ Multi-Conductor Type E Cables. 

1X Technologies STJ and SFJ Cable are both very popular styles of high-temperature wire. STJ and SFJ cable is able to withstand high temperatures up to 200°C. Additionally, our STJ and SFJ Cables and both types of our PTFE High-Temperature Cables are shielded with a silverplated copper braid that has 90% coverage for. Finally, non-jacketed PTFE High-Temperature Wire, STJ Cable, SFJ Cable, and Overall Fiberglass Braided PTFE Cable are all manufactured to withstand harmful acids, alkalis, oil/gas, flame, moisture, solvents, and fungus.




High Temp Thermocouple Wire.

1X  Technologies Thermocouple Wire allows your temperatures to be measured electronically. Furthermore, we supply high temp Thermocouple wire up to 1200°C. Specifically, some of the most common thermocouple types of high-temperature Thermocouple Wire you may purchase from 1X Technologies provides are Type J, Type K, Type T, and Type E High-Temperature Wire.



SuperNuclear High-Temp Wire (90C/130C/250C ) HAZARDOUS AREA CABLE.

1X Technologies SuperNuclear high-temperature tray cable is the best option for your Hazardous area job that requires a high-temperature cable that keeps its thermal stability at elevated temperatures. Furthermore, SuperNuclear cable is suitable for cable tray use and direct buried because it is TC-ER Rated. Additionally, SuperNuclear cable is Flame retardant and passes the vertical tray flame test requirements of IEEE 383-1974 and 1202-2006, UL 1277 ICEA T-29-520(210,000 BTU/hr.). 90°C continuous rating in wet or dry locations • 130°C emergency overload rating • 250°C short circuit rating.


90C/130C/250C SuperNuclear High-Temperature Applications.

Similar to FEP, SuperNuclear high-temperature Tray Cable is rated (UL) to 90°C continuous rating in wet or dry locations. Furthermore, Non-UL continuous temperatures could be much higher as we have had customers install the cable Non-UL in temperatures exceeding 125C.  Finally, SuperNuclear high-temperature Tray Cable is (UL) rated to 130°C emergency overload rating, and (UL) rated to 250°C short circuit rating.


High-Temp SuperNuclear Cable in Class 1 DivHazardous Areas

SuperNuclear high-temp tray cable is permitted for use on power, lighting, control, and signal circuits; indoors or outdoors; in cable trays, raceways, direct burial in the ground, or where supported in outdoor locations by a messenger wire; for Class 1 circuits as permitted in Article 725 of the NEC; and in cable trays in Class I, Division 2 hazardous locations in industrial establishments where the conditions of maintenance and supervision ensure that only qualified persons will service the installation. Additionally, cables Marked TC-ER may also be used between a cable tray and the utilization equipment or device when installed in accordance with the NEC.


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Frequent High Temp Questions:


High-temperature oven wire &  High-Temp wire for stoves.

The application for high temp wire that we get calls about most often is high-temperature oven wire. High-Temp oven wire is used for the wiring of electric and gas range ovens, as well as quite a lot of food warming equipment applications.  Conversely, the heating element presents a unique environment for wire and cable, because of the massive amount of heat that the products are subjected to. Typically high-temp wire for stoves and high-temperature oven wire we sell the most is TGGT wire.




High Temp Wire Insulation.

Both Standard, and High-Temperature electrical wires are usually covered with insulating materials, such as plastic, rubber-like polymers, or varnish. Insulating and jacketing of wires and cables nowadays, is done by passing them through an extruder. Formerly, materials used for insulation included treated cloth or paper and various oil-based products. Since the mid-1960s, plastic and polymers exhibiting properties similar to rubber have predominated. The insulation in our high-temperature cables is diverse because we produce or supply everything from PTFE Tape and Mica Tape to Fiberglass. Additionally, we also provide Ceramic Braids on High-Temperature Wire.



High-Temperature Appliance Wire.

High-Temperature appliance wire, or “high temp” appliance wire, is primarily used in lighting fixtures, heating elements, motor leads. It is also used in internal wiring appliances. Furthermore, the intended purpose of high-temperature appliance wire is for internal wiring of appliances and fixtures. It’s also used as motor leads, transformers, or other electrical equipment where hazardous and high temperatures are prevalent.



High-Temperature Wire Home DepotHigh-Temperature Wire Lowes.

1X Technologies is a vendor for both the Home Depot and Lowes. Furthermore, we can sell you standard reels of high-temperature wire & cable and ship to your local Home Depot or Lowes. Specifically, the process you will undertake to make this happen is to contact your local “pro-desk“. Next, you’ll have them give us a call at 888-651-9990, or, conversely, you may call us and we can handle contacting your Home Depot or Lowes Pro Desk to arrange your order. Additionally, when you decide the best way to order, whether it be factory direct, through Home Depot or Lowes, or through your favorite electrical distributor we are ready to help you out with your High-Temperature Wire.


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