Industrial Cable Manufacturer

Industrial Cable Manufacturer

1X Technologies gives you the best selection of any industrial cable manufacturer. Furthermore, we are second to none for electric wiring and cables which are manufactured for the harshest environments in your industrial applications. We supply you with the industrial wire & cable to help power your machinery day in and day out. We offer you the largest selection of industrial type Belden Equivalents and Equals to many other manufacturers when you need cable faster or if the price is a major consideration.

Popular Industrial Wire & Cable Styles: 

  • Bare Copper Wire & Tinned Copper Wire
  • Chemical Resistant Cables
  • Industrial Ethernet Cable
  • Belden Equivalent Industrial Cable
  • High-Temperature Cable
  • Festoon Cable
  • Igniter Cables
  • Variable Frequency Drive Cable, VFD Cable
  • Industrial Data Bus Cable
  • Flexible Industrial Cable
  • Industrial Control & Power Cable
  • Belden Equivalent Electronic Wire & Cable
  • EPR/XL-CPE Power Cable – Durasheath – UL Type RHH/RHW-2/USE-2
  • FR-EP Power Cable – UL Type RHH/RHW-2/USE-2 LS
  • Control Cable XLPE  – UL Type SIS, XHHW-2 Wire, VW-1 Rated
  • Power Cable XLPE – UL Type XHHW-2 and c(UL) Type RW-90
  • XLPE Power Cable – UL Type RHH/RHW-2/USE-2
  • EPR/CPE Diesel Locomotive Cable (DLO Cable)
  • Industrial Automation Cable
  • Armored AIA and CCW cable
  • Mining Cable
  • Medium Voltage Industrial
  • Heavy Duty Portable Power Cable


Custom Cable Constructions – Industrial Cable

We custom design and build your Industrial Cable when you need something a little bit different. Furthermore, when it comes to having options for your cables and wires 1X Technologies manufactures the highest quality products in the industry. We make tough, flexible, durable industrial cables — specially for industrial applications and tested using state-of-the-art equipment.  These custom cables for industrial applications assure performance in even your harshest environments.


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Short Custom Manufactured Industrial Cable made quickly!

As a Custom Cable assembly house, we also provide short-run manufacturing, or “Prototyping” prior to mass production.

Furthermore, when it comes to speed, we can not be beaten. Our manufacturing facilities have multiple distribution centers across the country. Specifically, we make use of hubs that are within a one or two-day shipping points to nearly all parts of the USA.

Continually Growing our Custom Cable reach

We are making continued investment in our U.S. operations. The steps we’ve taken thus far in our company’s lifespan has created a world-class platform for you and your company to order custom industrial cables. Ultimately, this ensures you get the industry-leading service you require.