Specialty Lighting Cable

Specialty Lighting Cable Manufacturer

1X Technologies LLC has specialty lighting cable for all of your unique applications. When it comes to Equivalents to Belden lighting cable we have the broadest offering anywhere on Belden Equals. When it comes to White Portable Cord like White SOOW, White STO, White SJOOW, and White SJTO Lighting cord, we have many sizes in stock that are hard to find. Do you need a lighting cable price today? Just let us know what you need.

  • Equivalents to Belden Lighting Cable
  • 600V – White SOOW & White STO Lighting Cord
  • 300V – White SJOOW & White SJTO Lighting Cord
  • Stage Lighting Cable / Entertainment Lighting Cable
  • Landscape Lighting Cable


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Belden Equivalent Lighting Cable

Lighting cable like Equals to Belden DMX Cable, Belden Digital Audio Cable, Belden Snake Cable, Belden Data Cable, and Belden Portable Cordage. We have the most comprehensive offering of equivalents to Belden in the industry. If for instance, a 300 Volt Belden Equivalent is not in stock we can manufacture it as quickly as 1 to 2 days after you place your order. Additionally, we can often make short cables, as little as 100 Feet on many items. We have so many products in stock that we often have something good to offer you on the floor so give us a call if you need a Belden lighting cable equal.


600V – White SOOW & White STO Lighting Cord

White Portable Cord is available to you in 600 Volt cables like White SOOW, White SEOOW, and White STOW, and White STOOW.

300V – White SJOOW & White SJTO Lighting Cord

White Portable Cord is available to you in 300 Volt Cable styles like White SJOOW, White SJT, White SJTW, and White SJTOW. This is commonly used in lighting applications like fixtures, displays, and is often seen in lighting applications where a fresh clean look is desired like for hospitals and office buildings.

Stage Lighting Cable / Entertainment Lighting Cable

We supply you with stage lighting cable and entertainment lighting cable in sizes from 8 AWG through 4/0. When it comes to Portable Stage lighting cord we supply Disney, Universal, and many of the top entertainment acts with our stage cables. Let us know if we can help you with a price on stage lighting cable today.

Landscape Lighting Cable

Our Low-Voltage Underground Landscape Lighting Cable is suitable for outdoor accent lighting, landscape lighting and security lighting applications not exceeding 150 Volts.  This product can be installed outdoors exposed to sunlight.  Low-Voltage Underground Landscape Lighting Cable is suitable for use at temperatures not exceeding minimum -20°C or maximum 60°C. Give us a call if you need some landscape cable.