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Battery Cable & Automotive Wire Suppliers.

1X Technologies is your go-to supplier for Battery Cable & Automotive Wire. In fact, many top U.S. automotive manufacturers, professional racing teams, and U.S. military organizations count on us for high-performance Battery Cable and Automotive Wire.



Types of Battery Cable & Automotive Wire

Automotive Battery Cable.

Battery Cable is one of our things at 1X Technologies. We excel at it. The Three main types of automotive battery cable we sell are SGT, STX, and SGX. STX/SGX wire is often used in automotive starters and for battery grounds. STX is really good when abrasion resistance and ability to withstand high heat is required. Furthermore, SGX/STX  manufactured with Cross-Linked Polyethylene (XLPE) insulation and can withstand temperatures up to 125ºC. Likewise, SGT cable is often used in starters or for battery ground circuits. SGT has a Polyvinylchloride (PVC) insulation and withstands temperatures through 105ºC. 


Automotive Battery Cable Types:

  • SGT Automotive Battery Cable
  • SGX Automotive Battery Cable
  • STX Battery Cable


Automotive Primary Wire.

1X Technologies Automotive Primary Wire is going to give you the quality you need, at the price you expect. It’s important to note, all of our automotive primary wire will meet SAE J-1128, Chrysler and Ford specifications. Specifically, we carry SXL, GXL, TXL, GPT, TWP and HDT Automotive Primary Wire. Furthermore, we stock a variety of sizes from 26 AWG to 4/0 AWG in Automotive Primary Wire. Finally, If required for a special application we can manufacture up to 1000 MCM or 1000 KCMIL for you.


Automotive Primary Wire Types: 

  • GPT Automotive Primary Wire
  • GXL Automotive Primary Wire
  • HDT Cable – Heavy Duty Thermoplastic
  • SXL Automotive Primary Wire
  • TWP Wire – Lead-Free Thin Wall PVC Wire
  • TXL Automotive Primary Wire



Outfitting the Ferrari F430 and Custom Super-Cars.

Because custom Ferrari F430 manufacturing requires quality high-performance Battery Cable & Automotive wire, they turn to 1X Technologies as their go-to supplier. While every aspect of a Ferrari is built by hand in Italy, a custom Ferrari requires even greater detail because of the advancements that Ferrari owners demand. Specifically, these supercars are for racing most of the time so they have upgraded internal systems.

Ferrari F430 Supplier 1X Technologies - Battery Cable & Automotive Wire Manufacturer Suppliers




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Battery Cable & Automotive Wire in Colors.

When it comes to Battery Cable in colors, we truly have you covered. Specifically, we have everything from standard black and red jackets, to the hard to find powder blue.

Additionally, you can buy automotive wire in every color imaginable. We even offer custom striped automotive wire for more color combinations.


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