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Data Center Cable & Wire for Critical Environments like Data Centers and Colocation centers is vitally important to all of us because so much of our world depends on the internet. Furthermore, Data Centers at large technology company’s like Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, and others support the usage of hundreds of millions of users every single day. This is why 1X Technologies manufactures and supplies the very best Data Center Colocation Cable in the world to keep Data Centers up and running with no downtime. We are simply the best suppliers of data center wire & cable, and the best manufacturer of data center cable for your unique needs.

1X Technologies is the top choice for many of the largest technology companies in the world like Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Godaddy, and much more. You can see what our Data Center Collocation cable customers have to say about doing business with us on our customer testimonials page.

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Our most popular Data Center Colocation Cable types:

  • Cat 5 & Cat 6 Cable-Harness Data Center Patch Cords
  • Custom Colored VNTC Colocation Tray Cable
  • TC-ER Data Center Power Cable 1KV 2KV
  • Belden Cable & Custom Colocation Center Cable Equivalents
  • Custom Printed Data Center Cable
  • Custom Numbered Data Center Cable
  • Data Center DLO RHW-2 Cable & TelcoFlex Central Office Cable
  • Collocation Hookup Wire
  • Data Center Communications and Control Cable
  • Data Center Style FPLP & FPLR
  • Custom Colocation Cable & Custom Data Center Plastic / Fiber Reels
  • High Temperature Data Center Cable 150C, 200C, 250C – FEP, XLP, Silicone

Cat 5 & Cat 6 Cable-Harness Data Center Patch Cords

We are the #1 supplier for Cat 5 & Cat 6 Patch Cords and Cable Harnesses for Data Centers and Colocation centers. When it comes to Data Center Collocation Cable, Patch Cords are one of our most popular items. Most of the data that pumps through your iPhone probably moves through cabinets that are hooked up with our custom patch cords at Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple Data Centers. Our Cat 5 & Cat 6 Patch Cords are unique because we offer custom labeled material with super high-density connectors to allow easier cable management and the ability to work in tighter spaces. Do you need a price on a Cat 5 Patch Cable or pricing on a Cat 6 Data Center Cable harness? Give us a call today.

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Custom Colored VNTC Colocation Tray Cable

Custom Cable made 1X Technologies famous with our data center customers who work in critical environments. Additionally, one of the most popular styles of Data Center Colocation Cable is our custom colored VNTC Cable. We offer this cable with the jacket matched to your specific Pantone Color wheel, with custom printing, and your choice of colors for the inner conductors. Do you need a 5 conductor with Brown, Orange, Yellow, Gray, and Green Tray Cable? How about Black, Red, Blue, White and Tan? How about Pink, Purple, Orange with a Blue Stripe, Baby Blue, and Alien Green? Whatever you need we can make it happen for you as we have for the top Data Center customers throughout the technology industry. See what Albert from Microsoft has to say about our multi-conductor custom colored VNTC cable on our customer testimonials page.


Common Data Center VNTC Sizes:

  • 14-3 VNTC
  • 14-4 VNTC
  • 14-5 VNTC
  • 12-3 VNTC
  • 12-4 VNTC
  • 12-5 VNTC
  • 10-3 VNTC
  • 10-4 VNTC
  • 10-5 VNTC
  • 8-3 VNTC
  • 8-4 VNTC
  • 8-5 VNTC
  • 6-3 VNTC
  • 6-4 VNTC
  • 6-5 VNTC

Additionally, we make and stock many other sizes of Data center VNTC up to 1000 MCM 3 conductor so if you don’t see what you need just give us a call.

TC-ER Data Center Power Cable 1KV – 2KV

Like our VNTC Instrument, Tray, and Control Cable above, our TC-ER Data Center Power Cable is a multi-conductor cable that is suitable for applications requiring higher voltage through 1KV and 2KV. We make this in multi-conductor constructions with all the custom options you get from our Tray Cables discussed above. If you need our TC-ER Data Center power cable just give us a call.

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Belden Cable & Custom Colocation Center Cable Equivalents

When it comes to Belden or Equivalent cables for Data Centers and Collocation environments 1X Technologies is your top supplier. We have equivalents to Belden on over 5000 Cables, and if you require actual Belden Cable, including custom constructions we are the best of the best for your data center.

Here are some custom cable constructions we can offer you with actual Belden Cable or our Belden Equals:

  • Custom Armored Belden Cable or Equivalents for the Data Center.
  • Custom Jacketed Belden Cable or Equivalents for the Colocation Center.
  • Bundled Belden Cable or Equivalent for the data center. 
  • Combination Cables using Belden Cables or equivalents. We recently combined 4 x Belden 9841 Cables, and added 2 Cat 5 Conductors, added a foil and braid shield, and gave it a custom Green EPDM Rubber Jacket. 
  • Custom colored jackets on Belden Classics equals from 1X Technologies. 
  • Custom Connectors applied to Belden or equivalents for the data center. 
Belden 9841 Equal Made in the USA, Custom Cable Manufacturers, Custom Print available
1X Technologies Equal to Belden 9841 Computer Cable for the data center.

Custom Printed Data Center Cable

We Custom print company names on our custom data center cables. This lets you brand your data center and aids in your selling process. This combined with your company’s custom colors on your cables really makes an impact for your sales team when selling data center space.

Printing types available for Data Center Cable:

  • Ink Jet Printing.
  • Laser Printing.
  • Hot Stamp Printing.

Custom Numbered Data Center Cable and Wire

Just like our custom printing offers you a custom design for your cables. Additionally, numbering your cable also gives you many added benefits.

Benefits of Numbered wire in the data center:

  • 1.) Numbering wire in the data center allows your installers to improve safety.
  • 2.) Numbered data center wire increases install speed due to ease of use.
  • 3.) Numbering lets service workers double back quicker and get fixes right more often.
  • 4.) Numbered wire in the data center, especially on bundled cable allows for easy cable identification.

Data Center Power Cable, DLO RHW-2 Cable, & TelcoFlex Central Office Cable

1X Technologies Data Center Power Cable comes in multiple versions, with each offering their own unique advantages. All three of our products are very flexible, allowing tight turns, and easier installation in your limited space of the data center. collocation center, or central office. Your three options for these applications are:

Your three options Central Office Power applications are:

  1. DLO RHW-2 1KV/2KV Cable 90C
  2. 1X Technologies PVC Data Center Power Cable 105C
  3. Central Office Power Cable – TelcoFlex

All three of these options give you different advantages and disadvantages. Let your salesperson know if you would like a price quote on each so you may compare.

Colocation Hookup Wire

Rubber and plastic insulated, single-conductor hookup wire products are designed for reliable and consistent performance in the data center/colocation center. We stock nearly every type of popular hookup wire style because we know you need a wide selection of products for your critical environment.

Our most popular data center cable hookup wire types:

Technical Info on Data Center Hookup Wire

Insulation Material Voltage Options Max Temp AWG Sizes UL Style (CSA Type)
PVC 300V 80°C #30 to #16 1061, 1007, 1569 (AWM)
90°C #28 to #14 (TR-64)
105°C #28 to #14 1569 (TRSR-64)
600V 105°C #22 to #4 1015, 1230, 1028, 1283, MIL-W-16878/1 (TEW)
1000V 80°C #24 to #12 MIL-W-76C-PVC
PPO 600V 105°C #28 to #10 11028
TFE 105°C #32 to #22 1213, 1371
250V 200°C #32 to #22 MIL-Specs 16878/6
300V 200°C #24 to #16 1180
600V 200°C #30 to #16 MIL-Specs 16878/4
1000V 200°C #24 to #16 MIL-Specs 16878/5
EPDM 600V 125°C, 150°C #18 to #4/0 3340, 3374 (CL1254)
125°C #22 to #12 3484 (AWM)
7500V 150°C #8 to #4/0 3499
XL-DUR 300V 105°C #22 to #16 3199 (CL1054)
600V 125°C #22 to #6 3173, 3195, 3196 (CL1251)
150°C #20 to #10 3436, 3321 (CL1251, AWM)
#14 to #8 SIS
CSPE (Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene) 300V 105°C #22 to #14 3190 (CL1052)
#10 to #4/0 3191, 3192, 3193 (CL1052)
600V 105°C #18 to #12 3191 (CL1053)
5000V #8 to #4/0
Neoprene 300V 90°C #20 to #16 3044 (CL902)
600V 90°C #18 to #2 3046, 3048 (CL903)
Silicone Rubber (Braidless)
600V 200°C #18 to #14 3135
Silicone Rubber (Glass Braid)
600V 200°C #18 to #4/0 3071, 3074, 3075, 3125, 3126 (SEW-2)
Silicone Rubber (Mercury Switch) 600V 150°C #20 to #17 3123
Numerous Additional Options Available: (including High Voltage Leads, Test Prod Wire, Magnet Wire, Shielding and Bonding Cable, Direct Burial, and Bus Bar and Antenna Wire)

Data Center Communications and Control Cable

Standard Data Center Cable like communications and control cable are in stock and ready to deliver to your colocation center. We have communications cables like Foil shielded Belden equivalents as well as multiconductor control cables up to 1000 Pairs. Let us know if you need a data center cable with many pairs or conductors for your communications application.

FPLP & FPLR Fire Alarm Data Center Cable

Data Center Fire Alarm cable is uber important in the data center where safety is key. We stock many types of data center FPLP and FPLP Data center cable styles.

Popular Fire Alarm Data Center Cable:

  • New York City Fire Alarm Specification
  • Black Fire Alarm Cable
  • Red Fire Alarm Cable
  • Blue Fire Alarm Cable
  • White Fire Alarm Cable
  • Brown Fire Alarm Cable
  • Orange Fire Alarm Cable
  • Yellow Fire Alarm Cable
  • Gray Fire Alarm Cable
  • Purple Fire Alarm Cable
  • Pink Fire Alarm Cable
  • Tan Fire Alarm Cable
  • Green Fire Alarm Cable
  • Belden Style Fire Alarm Cable
  • Custom Data Center Fire Alarm Cable

Custom Colocation Cable & Custom Data Center Plastic / Fiber Reels

1X Technologies is an industry leader in custom data center cable and accessories like custom plastic/fiber reels. we can make just about anything you need, and we truly make your vision a reality when it comes to manufacturing wire & cable.

Furthermore, because uptime is so critical for the data center being able to manufacture cable and wire quickly is of utmost importance to serve our customers in the manner in which they require. We deliver made-to-order cables and wire to our Fortune 500 Data Center customers as quickly as 3-4 days after order placement. As you will see below we have manufactured 300 Volt cables as quickly as 1 day after receiving the purchase order from our customer.

Key Features of our Data Center Cable Manufacturing Capabilities.

Typical Manufacturing Time for Data Center Cable? ?FAST ?

“Because You Require Quality, Quickly! ®” is our slogan for a reason. We pride ourselves on being nimble. When your delivery truly matters most you can count on 1X Technologies to produce your cable with the fastest turnaround time anywhere.

Typical 600V Production time:  2 to 3 Weeks ARO   (ARO = After Receipt of Order).

Typical 300V Production time: 1 to 2 weeks ARO

1KV – 2KV Production time: 2  to 3 weeks ARO

5KV – 35KV Production time: 4 to 6 weeks ARO

46KV – 550KV Production time: 7 to 9  weeks ARO

Expedited Custom Data Center Manufacturing Speed

While our normal manufacturing speed is the fastest in the industry, we also offer you expedited manufacturing services. We have manufactured and shipped 300V cables within just 1 to 2 days, and 600 Volt cables within 5 to 7 days ARO.

To expedite an order typically means the manufacturing production team will need to expedite materials such as our copper rod, plastics, and chemicals used in the manufacturing process. They are expedited into our factory either by hot shot delivery or by air freight, and then the manufacturing crew usually works around the clock in order to produce your cable at lighting speed. 

High-Temperature Data Center Cable 150C, 200C, 250C – FEP, XLP, Silicone

The Best Suppliers of High-Temperature Data Center Wire & Cable

First, 1X Technologies has been a leader in the development of innovative high-temperature Data Center wire and cable products, offering one of the most diversified lines in the world. In fact, we manufacture a broad line of high-temperature products. For this reason, 1X Technologies “Ultra High Temp” cable is designed for rugged environments. Ultimately, it has been proven to meet the needs of many industries including glass plants, steel plants, and oil refineries.

Furthermore, our growing manufacturing capabilities allow us to offer you a complete high temperature, tray, instrumentation, and thermocouple cable in the industry. Specifically, we focus on providing solutions for industries like Oil & Gas, petrochemical, utility, renewable energy, food processing, pulp & paper, automotive, steel, and glass.

Because we utilize more than 5 million square feet of strategically located, state-of-the-art, ISO-certified High-Temperature manufacturing and distribution facilities, we can handle any size job you are working on. Accordingly, We back our products with outstanding customer service and provide all of the technical application support and assistance you need. Ultimately, count on 1X to be your complete High-Temperature cable solution. Finally, should you need more information on products, application or standards, do not hesitate to call us at 1-888-651-9990?