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1X Technologies is the best supplier for all types of your Electrical Marine Cable, period. Furthermore, when it comes to Boat Wire and Boat Cable you have found the supplier that will offer you two key advantages when you need to buy.

First, 1X Technologies manufactures Electrical Marine Wire and Electrical Marine Cable in special colors, custom flexible stranding, and with special characteristics, that you won’t find anywhere else. Second, We carry the broadest line of Electrical Marine Cable products, like 1X-Flex Power Supply Systems Cable 105C UL 1778, Flat Multi-Conductor Marine CableGPTM Bare Copper Marine Cable, GPTM Tinned Copper Marine Wire, Flexible Copper Screened FEP “Connection Cables”, Marine Shipboard Cable, Submarine Power Cable, and High Voltage Electrical Marine Cable. 


Electrical Marine Cable Types:


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Electrical Marine Cable Suppliers.


1X- ExtraFlex Power Supply Systems Cable 105C UL 1778 600V/1KV.

1X Technologies 1X-Flex UL 1778 product is designed to meet or exceed test requirements called for by UL and the NEC. 1X-Flex is recommended for use in accordance with UL and CSA for your internal wiring applications of uninterruptible power supply equipment, or (ULUnderwriters Laboratories Standard 1778. Furthermore, 1X Technologies 1X-FLEX will perform for you in many applications such as transformers, switchboard panels, controls, electronic circuits, and meters. It’s important to note, 1X-Flex may also be used as marine battery cable, battery charger cable, motor lead, and power hookup cable. Finally, 1X-Flex is approved for both the internal and external wiring of appliances. Because of this it is considered AWM wire.

1X-Flex Stranding.

1X-Flex has Class K 30 gauge bare copper stranding and is also available in Class K Tinned Copper tinned copper. Specifically, Class K stranding makes the cable extra flexible.

1X-Flex 3rd Party NRTL Ratings.

1X-Flex NEC Standard Types: MTW & THW, UL AWM Styles: 1232-1283- 1284-1337-1338-1339-10070-10269, BC-5W2 on 6 AWG to 4/0 AWG, TEW A/B FT-1 on 6 AWG to 4/0 AWG, AWM A/B FT-1 on 250 MCM to 1000 MCM

Flat Multi-Conductor Marine Cable.

1X Technologies LLC manufactures Flat Multi-Conductor Marine Cable, or “Flat boat cable” in all the standard sizes you need. All of our boat cable starts with stranded tinned copper that is coated with a durable Flat PVC jacket because you need it to be flexible and durable.

Flat Multi-Conductor Marine Cable  (Flat Boat Cable) Features:

  • Finely stranded (Type III) tinned copper conductors.
  • Color coded PVC jacket.
  • Temperature range -20C to 105C.
  • Voltage rating 600V.
  • Applications: AC and DC internal wiring of boats.

Flat Multi-Conductor Marine Cable (Flat Boat Cable) Compliances:

  • UL Standard 1426.
  • ABYC: E-11.16.
  • Coast Guard: 33 CFR part 183.


Our Flat Boat Cable has high strand tinned copper conductors for ease of flexibility. Additionally, our Flat Multi-Conductor Marine Cable is cabled with an outer jacket that is manufactured with a high-grade PVC to improve your installation ability. It’s important to note that our boat cable’s inner conductors are coated with talcum powder, prior to the extrusion of the outer jacket. Because of this, installers can quickly and easy remove the outer jacket of the cable as needed.


GPTM Bare Copper & Tinned Copper Marine Cable.

1X Technologies GPTM Bare & Tinned copper marine wire may be used in all 105°C marine applications because of its ratings. Additionally, GPTM is approved for use in general circuit wiring. Furthermore, Our GPTM wire is stocked in all the colors you expect including Black, Brown, Red, Yellow, Light Green, Dark Green, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Orange, Purple (Violet), Tan (Natural), White, Gray / Grey, and Pink. Finally, you may also add custom stripes and printing to your GPTM wire. Just let us know if you need copper or aluminum when you order.


Flexible Copper Screened FEP “Connection Cables”.

1X Technologies Flexible Copper Screened FEP Connection Cables are manufactured for use in your extreme environment applications where heat and chemicals could cause normal cables issues. Our FEP connection cables are also suitable for use in engine rooms because of the FEP’s ability to withstand high temperatures.


Marine Shipboard Cable.

1X Technologies Marine Shipboard Cable is the highest quality Marine Cable you can buy. Furthermore, you will use our Marine Shipboard cables in applications aboard marine vessels or ships like Disney and Carnival Cruise ships, military vessels, and even in submarines! Additionally, Your Marine Shipboard cable is available in many constructions such as LSZH, or Low Smoke Zero Halogen. 

  • 1. – 1X Technologies MIL-C-915E Shipboard Cable.
  • 2. – 1X Technologies Mil-C-24640 Shipboard Cable.
  • 3. – 1X Technologies Mil-C-24643 Shipboard Cable.


Submarine Power Cable.

1X Technologies manufactures and supplies you with many different types of submarine power cables. Because we have many styles depending on specific requirements and conditions at your site we have you covered no matter what you are working on. Because you require quality, quickly, our cable constructions are based on the major national or international Standards like UL, VDE, and ICEA

Submarine Power Cable’s available: 

  • Low Voltage Submarine Power Cable like 600V or Fiber Optic style.
  • Medium Voltage Submarine Power Cable – 1KV – 35KV.
  • High-Voltage Submarine Power Cable.