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1X Technologies LLC is your suppliers of choice for Control Cables, Flexible control cable, and Flexible automation cables. We manufacture and supply our cables to a variety of industries and applications, including OEM, Technology, Robotics, Manufacturing, Construction, Power Distribution, and much more. Our flexible and continuous flex control and automation cables are popular in heavy commercial and industrial industries. When it comes to buying flexible and continuous-flex cables we are the best manufacturer/supplier of choice. We have the broadest line of Equivalents to Belden Control Cable, Equals to Lapp Olflex robotics cable, and similar automation cables to many other manufacturers when you need cable faster or if pricing is a consideration. Do you require a price on flexible control cable, a price on continuous-flex cable, or pricing on flexible automation cable?

Continuous Flex Cable, Flexible Control Cable, Belden Equal Flexible Control Cable, Equivalent to Belden Continuous Flex, Equal to Lapp, Equal to Chainflex


Popular Control Cable Products we sell

  • Belden Equivalent Control Cable
  • Equal to Belden Automation Cable
  • Equivalent to Lapp-ÖLFLEX® Continuous Flex Control Cables 
  • Continuous Flex Robotics Cable
  • Equivalent to Xtra-Guard® Flex
  • Flexible Control Cables
  • SOOW 600V Flexible Control Cable
  • SJOOW 300V Flexible Control Cable
  • Continuous Flex Control Cables – Millions of Flex Cycles
  • Chain Flex Cable, Chainflex® Equivalents
  • Infinity® Flexible Automation Cable Equivalent
  • Torsion Flex Cable
  • Flexible Specialty Cables
  • Servo Flexible Motor Cable
  • Bus Cable
  • Superflex Control Cable
  • 1X-Flex Flexible Marine Cable


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Flexible Control Cable Vs. Continuous Flex Control Cable

It’s important to note that Flexible control cable and continuous flex control cable are not the same things. Flexible control cables have the ability to bend flexibly during your installation but they are designed to remain stationary once installed. Conversely, Continuous Flex Control Cable can withstand 1 million flex cycles, 2 million flex cycles, 3 million flex cycles, 4 million flex cycles, 5 million flex cycles, 6 million flex cycles, 7 million flex cycles, 8 million flex cycles, 9 million flex cycles, and over 10 million flex cycles!


Best Supplier of Flexible Control Cables & Continuous Flex Robotics Cable for the manufacturing market

When it comes to OEM and Flexible Automation requirements we will supply you with the best continuous flexing control cable for the best price possible. Below you can see our flexible automation cables and continuous flex robotics cable being used to manufacture i3 automobiles for BMW. Let us know what you need, we will do a great job for you.