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Hook-Up Wire Lead Wire 1X Technologies Lead Wire Hookup Wire

1X Technologies Hook-Up Wire  

1X Technologies LLC hookup wire – lead wire products are manufactured in a variety of materials, sizes, and designs to meet specific industry and government specifications. Our most popular Hook-Up Wire – Lead Wire styles are stocked in all colors for you:


  • PVC Hook-Up Wire (UL 1007, UL 1015, and UL 1061)
  • UL 1028, UL 1283, and UL 1284 MTW Wire / TEW Wire
  • PVC Appliance Wire (UL 1275 / UL 1056, UL 1276 / UL 1060)
  • Irradiated PVC Hook-Up Wire (UL 1429, UL 1430, and UL 1431)
  • UL 10070 Extra Flexible Power Cable (PVC)
  • Irradiated Polyethylene Hook-Up Wire (UL 3265, UL 3266, UL 3271, & UL 3289)
  • UL 3044, UL 3046, UL 3048, UL 3049 Neoprene Lead Hook-Up Wire
  • Building Wire (THHN) and Fixture Wire (TFN/TFFN)
  • RHH / RHW Wire (USE-2 Solar Wire)
  • XHHW Wire
  • Mil-Spec HookUp Wire (PVC) – M16878/1 (B), M16878/2 (C) and M16878/3 (D)
  • PTFE HookUp Wire – M16878/4 (E), M16878/5 (EE), and M16878/6 (ET)
  • UL 1213 HookUp Wire
  • UL 3173, UL 3195, UL 3196 HookUp Wire (SIS)
  • SIS Cable
  • UL 1198, UL 1199 PTFE HookUp Wire
  • UL 3321 / UL 3505 HookUp Wire
  • UL 3239 HVSR High Voltage Lead Wire
  • Ignition Wire (UL 3257)
  • UL 10086 Wire (Tefzel)
  • EPDM Cable
  • mPPE HookUp Wire
  • Harmonized PVC HookUp Wire
  • Hypalon HookUp Wire
  • Cathodic Protection HookUp Wire HMWPE
  • “Test” Lead Wire
  • Bare & Tinned Copper Wire



HookUp Wire – Lead Wire USA Manufacturing Process

Proudly Manufactured in the USA, our hook-up wire and lead wire manufacturing process first starts with a high-quality copper rod. Next, our rubber formulation and plastic mixing facilities give us complete control of the Hook-up Wire from start to finish. As a result, consistent quality of these products is always assured. Furthermore, our hook-up wire and lead wire products can be used in a variety of applications including interconnection circuits, the internal wiring of computer and data processing equipment, appliances, lighting, motor leads, heating and cooling equipment, harness fabrication and automotive.



HookUp  Wire – Lead Wire Standard Put Up’s

Most of our hook-up wire and lead wire constructions are available from stock in a wide variety of colors and packages.

Standard Put-Up’s for Hook-up Wire are:

2,500 Feet

5,000 Feet

10,000 Feet

40,000 Feet (Drums)



Custom HookUp Wire

Many of these hook-up wire styles are available off the shelf from stock. But, If you have a new or unusual application or you cannot find hook-up or lead wire in this catalog section that meets your technical requirements, contact Technical Support at 1-866-651-9990.