Temporary Power Cable – Portable Cord

Temporary Power Cable – Portable Cord Pricing

1X Technologies is one of the most recognized suppliers of flexible cord for a temporary power cable, whether it’s plastic, rubber, or specialty constructions. Furthermore, in applications requiring 600 Volts or less our selection of wire & cable products is unmatched. Our extensive line includes portable cord like SOOW, SJOOW, cord sets, 1KV and 2KV portable power cable like Type W, and premium-grade specialty cable for commercial and industrial applications, including for use on constructions sites, in Class 1 Div 1 facilities, OEM plants & factories, and Hollywood entertainment venues. Do you need a price on a Portable Cord or Temporary Power Cable? Give us a call today.

1X Technologies has a complete line of Temporary power cable and portable cord products, including:

Flexible Portable Cord, Rubber Cord, Plastic Cord

Portable Cord is Rugged, flexible constructions for temporary power cable in harsh environments.

  • SOW
  • SOOW
  • SJOW
  • SJEO
  • SEOW
  • STOW
  • SJT
  • SVO

What does “so cord” stand for?

Designations for Portable Cord products include:

  • S = Service rated to 600 V
  • J = Junior service rated to 300 V
  • V = Vacuum Cord rated to 300 V
  • E = Elastomer (plastic) jacket
  • O = Oil-resistant jacket
  • OO = Oil-resistant inner conductor insulation and outer jacket
  • W = Water-resistant jacket; appropriate for outdoor use (NOTE: W designation is not the same as Type W Portable Cord, which is noted throughout this page.)


Industrial Power Cable 2000V – DLO, Type W, G, G-GC

Industrial Power Cable is a Temporary power cable for mining, entertainment, and transit applications.

Mining Power Cable 2000V – 15000V

Mine-Power Cable for Temporary Power in mining applications.

  • MP-GC 5000V-15000V XLP-PVC
  • MP-GC 8000V-15000V EPR-CPE
  • 2000V SHD-GC 
  • 5000V SHD-GC 
  • 8000V SHD-GC 
  • 15000V SHD-GC
  • Type W Mining 2000V 90C
  • Type G-GC Mining 2000V 90C
  • 2000V (Canada) SHD-GC 
  • 5000V (Canada) SHD-GC 
  • 8000V (Canada) SHD-GC 
  • 15000V (Canada) SHD-GC 
  • Type G-GC Mining 2000V 90C (Canada)

Industrial Power Cable 600V

Secondary voltage resistance welding leads for applications not exceeding 600 V, Chemical resistant temporary power cable, and Stage Lighting Cable for studio productions.

  • RHW-2 USE-2 600V EPR/CPE
  • Stage Lighting 600V 105C
  • Welding Cable 600V 105C

Utility Cables High-Voltage Temporary Power Cable

High-Voltage Temporary Power Cables used mostly in utility operations.

  • Grounding Clear PVC & Yellow CPE Cables 600V
  • Jumper Cable 5KV-15KV
  • MV-105 1/C 5kV/8kV (copper)
  • MV-105 1/C 15kV (copper)

Specialty Cords

Funky specialty cords for non-standard operations, and up and coming technologies like EV.

  • Lamp Cord
  • EV Electric Vehicle Power Cable
  • Heater Cord
  • Flexible Fixture Wire
  • Hookup Wire
  • SPT Cable (SPT-1, SPT-2 and SPT-3 Lamp Cord)
  • STO Cable and STOW Cable
  • Harmonized Heavy Duty Neoprene Cordage
  • H07RN-F Cable – Harmonized Heavy Duty Neoprene Cordage
  • Bus Drop Cable
  • Flat Festoon Cable (PVC)
  • Thermostat Wire
  • GTO-15 Neon Sign Wire
  • Pendant Cable / Reeling Cable
  • TelcoFlex Central Office Power Cable
  • Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Cable
  • Sprinkler Wire


Custom Temporary Power Cable

We are the leader in custom temporary power cables that are hard-to-find or have never been created. We manufacture exactly what you need, and we have funky constructions on the floor!

  • Colored Type W – Black, Red, Blue, White, Brown, Yellow, Green, Gray, Orange
  • Striped Type W Cable, Striped SOOW
  • 1000 MCM, 1500 MCM, 2000 MCM, 2500 MCM, 3000 MCM, 3500 MCM, 4000 MCM
  • Hundreds of conductors
  • Specialty Combination Cable for temporary Power
  • Custom Printed Temporary power cable so your temporary power cords are not stolen.


Contact your 1X Technologies representative for additional information at (888) 651-9990 or see more of our product details below.