Tray Cable & Instrumentation Cable


Tray Cable & Instrumentation Cable Manufacturer

1X Technologies Tray cable & Instrumentation Cable are multi-conductor and multi-pair control, signal and power cables as defined by the National Electrical Code (NEC) approval for installation in cable trays or raceways. Our most popular types are Equivalents to Belden Tray Cable, Equals to Belden Instrumentation and Control Cable, VNTC, XLP-PVC, LSZH Low Smoke Zero Halogen, and Extra Flexible CE rated European Tray Cables that are used in continuous flexing applications like robotics. The tray or raceway itself may be defined as one of many different types, but any cables which run through it must be rated for its specific designation.

Popular Tray Cable & Instrumentation Cable Styles: 

  • Equivalents to Belden Tray Cable
  • Equals to Belden Instrumentation & Control Cable
  • High-Temperature Tray Cable, High-Temp Instrumentation Cable
  • TC 600V (Tray Cable)
  • PLTC 300V (Power Limited Tray Cable)
  • ITC (Instrumentation Tray Cable)
  • TC-ER or PLTC-ER (Exposed Run)
  • Type WTTC (Wind Turbine Tray Cable)
  • Industrial Tray Cable
  • Offshore and Marine Tray Cable
  • Continuous Aluminum Armor Tray Cable
  • Instrumentation and Control Cables
  • CSA Tray Cables (Canada)
  • Industrial Marine Instrumentation, Control, and VFD Tray Cables
  • Haloarrest Cross Link (XLPE) LSZH Thermoset Jacket TC
  • Custom Tray & Instrumentation Cable – Colors, Jackets, Printing, and more.


Nobody Does Tray Cable & Instrumentation Cable Better

When it comes to Tray and Instrumentation cable, 1X Technologies is the best supplier for those who require specialty cables with the flexibility to make as many changes to the normal specification as they choose. Our Tray and Instrumentation products are built for hard usage. They are rugged, extremely reliable, and specially designed for high performance in harsh environments. Our Tray Cable & Instrumentation Cable holds up extremely well to exposure from the harshest conditions like petrochemicals, oil, Extremely high-temperature, job site abuse, and many more demanding environments.


The Best OEM Tray Cable & Instrumentation Cable Solutions

Your Best Tray Cable manufacturer for your unique manufacturing project needs is 1X Technologies. From your petrochemical, automotive manufacturing, pharmaceutical, power generation, water treatment, pulp and paper, food and beverage, or general manufacturing plant to your remote manufacturing locations, various office sites or corporate headquarters — and everywhere within your enterprise — 1X Technologies has your particular Tray Cable & Instrumentation Cable solution.


110% Commitment to Excellence

  • Fastest manufacturing lead time
  • Shortest Minimum Order Quantities on Made to order items
  • Cable Cut to length
  • Equivalents to Belden
  • Supplier of choice to the top brands in the world


Leader in Belden Equivalent Tray Cable & Instrumentation Cable

Known for our unmatched Belden Equivalent cable offering, 1X Technologies has what you need for your Belden Project. Whether you need a Belden equivalent because of long lead times, price considerations, or because the product you need is no longer made, we are the supplier of Belden Equals of choice. No matter how great your challenge, there’s a Belden equal cable product to meet your needs.



Custom Industrial Cable Capabilities

You can count on most of our industrial cables to be in stock, available to be custom cut and shipped immediately. Additionally, many of these are available off the shelf from distributors. With that said, If you have a new or unusual application or you cannot find an Industrial cable to meet we are your secret weapon.

1X Technologies manufactures custom cables for many industries with industrial cables making up a great portion of what we do. We make multi-conductor cables as large as 3500 MCM, with conductors up to 1000!  We make high-temperature FEP tray cable up to 450C, and we make low-temperature tray cable that performs in the coldest temperatures imaginable. No one can match our capabilities. If you need something hard to find just give us a call at 888-651-9990.