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4/0 3-Conductor Submersible Power Cable (Specification, Price, Cost)

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4/0 3-Conductor Submersible Power Cable Specification

Manufacturer “EZ” Part Number AquaTech4-0-3Cg-2KV Description: 1XTech™ 107 MM2 / 4/0 AWG 3-Conductor 2KV/ 2000 Volt + 21.2 MM2 /#4 AWG Green Insulated Ground, Jacket 1 (Under Armor) – AquaFlex™ Submersible Low Smoke Jacket, AquaTech™ 1XGSIA Galvanized Steel Submersible Interlocked Armor, Jacket 2 (Over Armor) –  AquaFlex™ Submersible Low Smoke Jacket, Submarine Power Cable. Scientifically Designed and approved for continuous Freshwater and Saltwater submersion. Advanced Cable Specification. Made in the USA, Because You Require Quality, Quickly® 



  • Manufactured for extra hard usage on Industrial & Marine grade equipment
  • Suited for use in a broad range of commercial, industrial and utility submersible applications, where reliability is the major concern, space is limited and ease of installation is critical 
  • In wet or dry locations when installed in accordance with NEC 
  • In submerged, direct burial, or underground duct installations where cable will encounter wet environment or be continuously installed submerged in water like deep well pumps, dredges, drawbridges and more. 
  • Class I Div. 2, Class II Div 2, & Class III Div. 1 Hazardous Locations.


  • Fully Submersible Armored Submarine Cable Technology 
  • Excellent heat, acid, abrasion, alkalies, flame, gas, oil, moisture and sunlight resistance
  • Value & Performance results driven cable for freshwater and saltwater operation
  • 90°C rating for continuous operation
  • Disney, Apple, and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Preferred wire & cable supplier




4/0 3-Conductor Submersible Power Cable Manufacturing Specifications: AquaTech4-0-3Cg-2KV

Size: 4/0 AWG  – AWG to MM2 Conversion = 107 MM2 European Metric size 

Conductor / Pair Count: 3 Conductor 

Ground: 4 AWG Insulated (Green)

Conductor Material: Fully annealed stranded bare copper per ASTM B-3 & B-8

Insulation Type: Thermoset-Insulated AquaFlex™ Proprietary 1XSRPVC  (EnviroTech™ Low Smoke feature: Yes) per UL44 and ICEA S-95-65

Metallic Armor: Yes –  AquaTech Submersible 1XGSIA Galvanized Steel Interlocked Armor meets UL1569 ( AquaFlex Jacketed Armor)  

Metallic Shield: No

Extruded Insulation Shield (EIS): No –  Optional: EnviroTech® semi-conducting polymeric layer free stripping from insulation available if necessary

Jacket 1 Type (Under Armor): AquaFlex™ Proprietary 1XSRPVC (EnviroTech™ Low Smoke feature: Yes) per UL44

Jacket 2 Type (Over Armor): AquaFlex™ Proprietary 1XSRPVC (EnviroTech™ Low Smoke feature: Yes) per UL44

NRTL Flame Test (Y/N): Yes  – Cable designed to pass IEEE Nuclear Facility Flame Test, IEEE-383

Outside Diameter: 2.039 Inches (Nominal)

Weight: 3250 lbs per 1000 Feet

Voltage: 2000 Volts / 2KV

Amperage:  230 Amps 75°C,   260 Amps 90°C  

Temperature Rating: 90°C Wet or Dry

Freshwater / Saltwater Submersible: Yes

Continuous Underwater Operation:  Yes