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Belden 88760 Cable Price, Belden 88760 Equal Cross Reference Spec

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Equal to Belden 88760 Cable – Belden 88760 Equivalent Cross Reference PDF Datasheet Specification and Price

This page will give you the best information on 1X Technologies Belden 88760 Equivalent / 88760 Equal,  88760 Price / 88760 Pricing, 88760 English Specification AKA Datasheet, 88760 Electrical Characteristics, and all pertinent information to help you compare and buy your Belden 88760 cable Equal for the best pricing possible.

Disclaimer: We are the best United States manufacturer of belden cable equivalents. Because this particular cable is used in Oil & Gas environments this is NOT a cable you want to mess around with for safety and liability.

There are websites out there who advertise prices you know are not legitimate for a comparable product to Belden 88760 Cable if you’ve bought or used it in the past. Going from pricing of $2000 per thousand feet down to an advertised price of $200.00 per 1000 feet makes zero sense. If it was truly an equal product (Or a product at all) would it really be 90% less than the original? Not even a knockoff Rolex is that far off the mark and this is a commodity product.

Take fair warning that these unscrupulous websites often using a bait and switch tactic to reel you in with a stupid cheap advertised price but then change it on you at the last minute (Trust us, we get the angry next call — Often). Many still order because the price isn’t THAT bad and is still dirt cheap compared to the actual Belden product and that salesman convinced them you’ll never know the difference.

(You will literally actually NEVER know the difference)

Then comes the next part of the fun… Not actually receiving your cable. Do you know how many late nights we get a call because “others” say they have a Belden 88760 Cable Equivalent, charge a customers credit card and tell customers they will ship out the product only never to hear from said “company” again for many weeks?

It is way too OFTEN.

We then get that next call where a customer who was just trying to save as much money as they could tried to buy a clearance Belden 88760 Cable and wound up in a major bind thanks to a slick talking salesman and a website showing prices that look like a decimal point is missing. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

When you actually require top quality Belden 88760 cable and a great cost savings, 1X Technologies is the only call to make. We hate that we have to make this disclaimer, but because we get calls and emails from customers so frequently complaining about getting taken for a ride by others on this product and it is a real pain to constantly have to come to the rescue on this specialty plenum cable.  Test your luck with a product that is made for high heat extreme environments if you like but know when you’ve found us after the cable never arrived that we warned you.


Belden 88760 Equivalent Cable Description:

Part Number: 1XB88760EQ

18 AWG 1 Twisted Pair stranded (19×30), Black & Red Conductors, Tinned Copper conductors, RoHS, UL 800, plenum, Premium FEP insulation, Overall Foil shield (100% coverage), 20 AWG stranded TC drain wire, Premium FEP jacket. Exact Equal / Equivalent to Belden 88760.

Important Note: Printed on jacket, Oil & Gas resistant.


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Belden 88760 Equal Specifications:

Conductor Count1 PAIR   – BLACK & RED CONDUCTORS
Conductor MaterialTC – TINNED COPPER
Fire RatingPLENUM  – OPERATING TEMP. -70C to +200C
Shield ConstructionOVERALL SHIELD & DRAIN

Oil & Gas Resistant?        YES – Printed Oil & Gas Resistant on Jacket

Cable Weight          23 lbs. per 1000 Feet  – Pulling Tension 64 lbs.



Print or View our Belden 88760 PDF Cable Equivalent Specification on Scribd or Slideshare:

Scribd Equivalent to Belden 88760 PDF Specification Document in English:



Belden 88760 Cable Equivalent Put up’s and Color [ Reels are Continuous length ]

Belden 88760 Cable [Equivalent]
Standard Put-Up (ft.)  WeightJacket Color
Belden 88760 Cable – 1XB88760EQ-1000100023 lbs.RED
Belden 88760 Cable – 1XB88760EQ-2000200046 lbs.RED
Belden 88760 Cable – 1XB88760EQ- 2500250058 lbs.RED
Belden 88760 Cable – 1XB88760EQ- 3000300069 lbs.RED
Belden 88760 Cable – 1XB88760EQ- 50005000115 lbs.RED
  • custom put-ups are available.


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