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Belden 9566 Cable Equivalent Suppliers [Price per foot, Spec sheet, Info]

Belden 9566 Cable Equivalent Suppliers – 1XTech

Contact us today to order your Belden 9566 Cable Equivalent, to get specifications, or just to get a quick price per foot. Depending on current stock you can order from 1000 feet up to 100,000 feet at a great price. Give us a call at 888-651-9990 to place your order now.

Manufacturer Part Number: 1XB9566EQ

1XTech® 24 AWG 12 conductor (6 pairs) solid tinned copper with EnviroTech® SR-PVC insulation, an overall EnviroTech® FR-PVC jacket 300V advanced Multi-Conductor – Audio, Control and Instrumentation Cable. Made in the USA, Because You Require Quality, Quickly!®


  • Advanced Consumer electronics
  • High-End Industrial process control equipment
  • Excels in Advanced signal transmission in controlled environments


  • Buy American Act approved: YesMade in the USA.
  • Fully annealed stranded tinned copper per ASTM B-33
  • Premium grade color coded EnviroTech® SR-PVC insulation
  • Chrome EnviroTech® FR-PVC jacket
  • Scientifically designed and proven for use in place of Belden 9566.


  • NEC / UL specification: CMG
  • AWM Style: 2576 
  • RoHS compliant directive 2011/65/EC
  • UL Flame Test: UL1685 FT4 Loading


Cable Manufacturing Specifications:  Equal to Belden 9566

Manufacturer “EZ” Part Number:  1XB9566EQ

Size: 24 AWG   

Strands: Solid Conductors 

Conductor / Pair Count: 6 pairs

Conductor Material:  Tinned Copper

Conductor Color Code: 1 White & Blue, 2 White & Orange, 3 White & Green, 4 White & Brown, 5 White & Gray, 6 Red & Blue  

Insulation Type: EnviroTech® SR-PVC

Insulation Thickness: .010 Inches  (Nominal)

Jacket Type: EnviroTech® Low Smoke FR-PVC  

Jacket Thickness: .032 Inches  (Nominal)

Bulk Cable Weight: 40 lbs per 1000 feet

Jacket Color:  Chrome 

UL Flame Test (Y/N): Yes 

Voltage: 300V 

Temperature Rating: 75C    (Operating Temperature Range: -20°C To +80°C)

Nominal Capacitance PF/FT:  Conductor to Conductor — 22 PF/FT

Cross Reference: Compare to Belden 9566



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