Belden 9843 Equal – Belden 9843 Equivalent

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Belden 9843 Cable Equal Manufacturer:

1X Technologies Belden 9843 Equivalent Part Number:

#1X-B9843E – Equal to Belden 9843

Belden 9843 Price:

As of this publication, Belden 9843 ranges in price. The cable sells for a price of anywhere between $1500 and $2200 per 1000 Feet, but this depends on how many feet you require, the current price of copper, etc.

However, our equal to Belden 9843 is typically much more cost effective, often 40% to 80% Less than the Belden 9843 with the same electrical characteristics depending on what you need. Some would say this is a Cheap Belden 9843 Equal, but we know once you test our quality you’ll think of us as your best-kept secret.






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Belden 9843 Equivalent Warranty:

All of our products come with a 100% Guarantee to be free from manufacturing defects letting you be confident in the performance of your cable and wire with many of our products carrying up to a 15-year warranty. Please check with the factory at the time of your order to determine what specific warranty your product carries.



Belden 9843 Equivalent Description:

24 AWG 3 Pair stranded (7×32) TC conductors, polyethylene insulation, overall foil shield (100% coverage) + TC braid shield (90% coverage), 24 AWG stranded TC drain wire, PVC jacket (Equal to Belden 9843)



Belden 9843 Specification – Alternative:

Conductor: 24awg (7/32) stranded tinned annealed copper

Insulation: Polyethylene

Shield: Overall aluminum mylar tape (100% coverage) Braid Tinned copper wire braid (90% coverage)

Drain wire: 24 AWG stranded tinned copper    |  AWG to MM2 = .025 MM2 Metric

Inner Conductors Jacket / Sheath: PVC

Overall Jacket / Sheath: PVC

Colour: Slate (Gray)

Capacitance (cond/cond): 42 pF/mtr

Capacitance (cond/scrn): 75.4 pF/mtr

Conductor Resistance: 78.7 Ohm/km

Operating Temperature: -30°C to +80°C

Impedance: 120 Ohms

* Belden 9843 Equal Specifications Nominal, and subject to verification upon order placement.





Belden 9843 Equivalent – Belden 9843 Equal Reel Sizes:

Our Alternative to Belden 9843 comes in a variety of standard reel sizes. Additionally, we can manufacture custom reel sizes for you in just a matter of a few days.

Standard Belden 9843 Reel sizes:

250 Feet.

500 Feet.

1000 Feet.

2500 Feet.

5000 Feet.






Belden 9843 equivalent Custom Reel Sizes:

While we have standard reels in stock, and can even cut your Belden 9843 Equal to length, we have manufactured specific sizes to match our customer’s requirements.

Specifically, the Army corps of engineers requires us to manufacture 3000 Foot Reels with a +/- 0% Footage tolerance, and we have come through for them every time. If you need a custom reel size just let us know.





Variations of cable types similar to Belden 9843.


Belden 9843 LDPE

1X Technologies Part Number: 1X-B9843-LDPE-E

Core Conductor Colors: White/blue & blue/white, white/orange & orange/white

Pairs: 3 Twisted pairs

Nominal overall diameter: 8.63mm =/- 0.3mm

Overall Jacket / Sheath: LDPE Black  – Low-Density Polyethylene 



Belden 9843 LSZH

1X Technologies Part Number: 1X-B9843-LSZH-E

Core Colors: White/blue & blue/white, white/orange & orange/white

Pairs: 3 Twisted pairs

Nominal overall diameter: 8.63mm =/- 0.3mm

Overall Jacket / Sheath: LSZH – Low Smoke Zero Halogen



Belden 9843 SWA

1X Technologies Part Number: 1X-B9843-SWA-E

Core Colors: White/blue & blue/white, white/orange & orange/white

Pairs: 3 Twisted pairs

Armor: Galvanised SWA –  steel wire armor (0.9mm wire)

Nominal overall diameter: 12.4mm =/- 0.3mm

Capacitance (cond/cond) 45 pF/mtr

Capacitance (cond/scrn) 76.5 pF/mtr

Conductor Resistance 85 Ohm/km

Operating Temperature -20 °C to +80°C

Voltage Rating 30V RMS




1X Technologies Belden 9843 Equivalent – Belden 9843 Equal –  Manufacturing Capabilities:


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1X Technologies is the best U.S. based manufacturers of cable similar to Belden 9843 wire and cable for residential, industrial, entertainment and security markets. Our Equivalent to Belden 9843 Wire and Cable is referenced across the country because of our top quality, and attention to customer service.

Furthermore, We make great efforts to best serve you and help you reduce costs wherever possible. We manufacture a large variety of Belden Equivalent Cable types, including equal to the Belden 9843. When you are interested purchasing a cable that strictly follows Belden’s specs give us a call at 1-888-651-9990.

When you purchase our Belden Cable Equals you can expect an equivalent to Belden’s Brand in every aspect except the price. Additionally, We supply Belden equivalents produced under strict quality standards for extrusion, cabling, twisting, shielding and jacketing. From our manufacturing plants and distribution centers, we supply cables manufactured for extra high-performance and better safety under various types of environments, including extreme environments.





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1X Technologies cables and wires are rigorously tested and verified to meet many safety and quality parameters in-house, as well as by 3rd party agencies such as UL, ETL, CSA, and ROHS.  Whether you buy a product we manufacture or one which we distribute from another manufacturer, you can trust that it has been tested to meet the standards you require.


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