Belden 9874 Cable Price – Equivalent 9874

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Belden 9874 Cable Price – Equivalent Belden 9874

Manufacturers & Suppliers of Belden Equivalents like Belden 9874

1X Technologies LLC is your manufacturer and supplier of choice when you need a Belden 9874 price or a price on an equivalent. Specifically, cables like our equal to Belden 9874 allow us to provide you with alternative options when you need a good price on Belden 9874 or equals to other manufacturers. We manufacture thousands of cables that you can cross-reference to the Belden Inc. Brand, and additionally if you would like to buy actual Belden 9874 cable we can help you do that too!


Belden 9874 Cable Equivalent Description

1X Technologies Cross Reference Part Number: 1X-B9874-EQ

General Product Description: 20 AWG stranded TC conductors, polypropylene insulation, 6 twisted pairs, individually shielded w/ Foil (100% coverage), 22 AWG stranded TC drain wire, overall Chrome Colored PVC jacket. UL 2919, Made in the USA.


Physical Cable Characteristics of our Equivalent to Belden 9874

Conductor Properties – 9874 Equal

  • AWG Size: 20 AWG
  • Pairs: 6 Pairs
  • Stranding: 7 x 28
  • Conductor Materials: Tinned Copper  (TC)


Insulation Materials – 9874 Equal

  • Insulation Material: Polypropylene (PP)
  • Wall Thickness (in.):  0.015″ inches


Inner Shield – 9874 Equal

  • Shield Type: Aluminum Foil – Polyester Tape
  • Shield Coverage: 100%


Inner Shield Drain Wire – 9874 Equal

  • AWG Size: 22 AWG
  • Stranding: 19 x 34
  • Conductor Material: Tinned Copper (TC)


Outer Jacket – 9874 Equal

  • Material Outer Jacket: Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
  • Outer Jacket Color:  Chrome (Gray)
  • Nominal Wall Thickness: 0.035″ inches


Overall Cable Properties – 9874 Equal

  • Estimated Outside Diameter (O.D.): 0.445″ inches


Typical Pair Color Code Chart – 9874 Equal

Pair Number – Color  (Also Available in alternate color codes, ask your salesman)

  1. 1 Black & Red
  2. 2 Black & White
  3. 3 Black & Green
  4. 4 Black & Blue
  5. 5 Black & Yellow
  6. 6 Black & Brown


Mechanical Characteristics of our Equivalent to Belden 9874

  • Operating Temperature Range: -20°C To +80°C
  • UL Temperature Rating: 80°C (UL AWM Style 2919)
  • Bulk Cable Weight: 103 lbs per 1000 ft.
  • Max. Recommended Pulling Tension: 256 lbs.
  • Min. Bend Radius/Minor Axis: 4.500 in.


Electrical Characteristics of our Equivalent to Belden 9874

Nominal Characteristic Impedance:

  • Impedance (Ohm): 50
  • Nominal Inductance: Inductance (µH/ft) 0.18
  • Nom. Capacitance Conductor to Conductor: Capacitance (pF/ft) 30
  • Nominal Capacitance Cond. to Other Conductor & Shield: Capacitance (pF/ft) 55
  • Nom. Velocity of Propagation: VP (%) 66
  • Nominal Conductor DC Resistance: DCR @ 20°C (Ohm/1000 ft) 10.5
  • Individual Pair Nominal Shield DC Resistance @ 20 Deg. C: 11.300 Ohm/1000 ft
  • Maximum Operating Voltage – UL:  30V RMS UL AWM Style 2919 300 V RMS CM
  • Maximum Recommended Current:  2.7 Amps per conductor @ 25°C


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How the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers got us started manufacturing Belden Equivalents.

First, 1X Technologies has grown our reputation over time. A reputation for supplying quality wire & cable for nearly every industry in the United States and abroad. However, prior to being commissioned by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to manufacture a high-quality alternative to Belden’s 9874 we had not been involved in the space of supplying equals to Belden. We were given a specification that was to be built exactly per the USACOE specifications. The Belden 9874 Cable or “Similar”, was a very important piece to their important project.

Belden was the first choice, but 1X Technologies was the final choice after much consideration from the much-respected government agency. While we were not experienced in manufacturing Belden equals prior to helping the USACOE, 1X Technologies now offers one of the widest arrays of equals to Belden products. For example, we manufacture over 5000 cables we produce to be substituted for Belden Cables.


Belden; A Great Company

Certainly, Belden is a company who we have great respect for. Namely, Belden is a brand that our distribution team buys and re-sells to fill jobs that are specified as Belden only. Additionally, we have manufactured specialty cables for Belden projects many times in the past.

Furthermore, Belden is one of the companies who we believe to be one of the finest and highest quality manufacturers of wire & cable in the world. Indeed, Belden is a huge company and they have a wide breadth of expertise. Recently, they focused their efforts as a total solution provider instead of just a wire & cable manufacturer as they had previously branded themselves.


Filling orders to help Belden projects stay on track

Notably, while this gives them a massive leg up when it comes to selling an entire job, they may also be very back-logged when it comes to making a custom run of cable. Certainly, we look at our manufacturing of high-quality alternatives to Belden products as a real service to our mutual customers. Additionally, Many times when Belden is not able to fill that job themselves we offer the customer a true high-quality source to buy (UL) listed, high-quality cables that don’t miss a beat when they are installed in the specification that called out Belden. In other words, while our custom doesn’t always start out with the notion that they will use a similar cable, once they see how competitive our pricing is, the quality of our cable, and the speed we can manufacture the product we often become the manufacturer of choice.

Earning the Trust of the Army Corps of Engineers

With this said, when the Army Corps of Engineers came to us to manufacture special length reels with a custom print legend, and have the order completed just 2 weeks when many others turned them down we jumped at the opportunity. Not only did we save the Army Corps of Engineers over 30% on their large project, saving you the tax payers money, but we also produced the cable 3 times as fast as they had been quoted for material from others.


Shock and Awe

When the cable arrived on site nearly a week early, we received a call from the buyer who was shocked. He was sure we were not going to fulfill our promise of getting him the cable within the time we quoted as it was 6 weeks faster than Belden. He said he had his field supervisor snip a couple feet off the end of the first reel they pulled off the truck and by God, it was as good or better than what they had previously been using. Since this first success story and earning the trust of the United States Army Corps of Engineers we have begun manufacturing many more equals, equivalents, and alternatives to Belden Cable. We realized there was a major opportunity to offer considerable value of extremely high quality equals to Belden Cable, with faster turn-around times, and with the potential to lower our customers cost.

Continued Business, Continual improvement

Specifically, since initially manufacturing our first order for a cable substitute for Belden’s part number 9874 we have continued to fill orders for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and many others. In particular, our customers have trusted us to produce the very best wire and cable possible. Certainly, now that we have made so many of these highly technical products with success over the years we are the go-to supplier when Belden Equals are required. Indeed, we know that if we can impress the Army Corps of Engineers we can do right by you on your project too!

Remember, you call 1X Technologies “Because you require quality, quickly!”