Armored Triad Cable [ RTD Color Code Specification, Price, Catalogue ]

Armored Triad Cable  

First, 1X Technologies supplies you with all types of Armored Triad Cable, including numerous specifications used for RTD applications or Resistance Temperature Detectors. Generally, we manufacture and supply Armored Triad Cable in single triad and multi triad forms making cables with hundreds of individual Triads typically ranging in triad cable sizes from 24 AWG, 22 AWG, 20, AWG, 18 AWG, and 16 AWG.

As an illustration, Triad Cable meaning is that to be a Triad the cable has three conductors twisted together which creates a “Triad”. Specifically, A Triad has three conductors and a pair only has two conductors! If you’re on this page you probably already knew that. Call it low hanging fruit!


Triad Cable for RTD

Next, Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTDs) are temperature sensors that contain a resistor that changes resistance value as its temperature changes. Important to note, RTD’s have been used for many years to measure temperature in laboratory and industrial processes, and have developed a reputation for accuracy, repeat-ability, and stability.

1X Technologies Armored Triad Cable for RTD temp sensors is made to your custom specification with many orders available to deliver within just a few days. Additionally, because RTD’s are far more accurate than thermocouples you require a cable that is high quality and that will withstand not only high temperatures but also abuse of an industrial environment. Consequently, this is where 1X Technologies Armored Triad cable will suit you best. Contact us today for a quick quote.

Armored Triad Cable Specification / Catalogue

We manufacture and supply such a diverse selection of armored triad cables that each specification is going to be unique. When it comes to your application if you have a specification in mind and would like a cable cross referenced such as Belden Armored Triad cable or Okonite Armored Triad Cable, we would be more than happy to review any specification and cross reference the cable to an equivalent or more likely, a better product for a better price.

Typically, we can have a custom specification on your Armored Triad cable engineered within a short period of time to help facilitate your order.

Armored triad cable price

Above all, Armored triad cable price is determined by the sheer size of the cable. This includes the number of Triads, the AWG size of the cable, and if the cable has shielding or not. Additionally, the type of armor that we use will make a big difference in Armored triad cable price. Especially if we use a steel wire armor (SWA) a large minimum order quantity may be required and the cost may be twice as much as if we use an Aluminum Interlocked Armor or a Galvanized Steel Interlocked Armor for your Armored triad cable.


Contact us today for help with your Armored Triad Cable. Thanks!