Belden 83515 Cable Equivalent Suppliers [Price per foot, Spec sheet, Info]

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Belden 83515 Cable Equivalent by 1X Technologies 1XTech® “EZ” Part Number Description: 1XB83515EQ  [Alternative to Belden 83515] High-Temperature Electronic Cable, 15 Conductor 24 AWG (7×32) Tinned Copper, FEP Insulation, Overall Foil +Tinned Copper Braid (85%) Shield, FEP Outer Jacket, CMP. Scientifically designed and proven for use in place of Belden 83515 cable as an equivalent […]

Armored Triad Cable [ RTD Color Code Specification, Price, Catalogue ]

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Armored Triad Cable   First, 1X Technologies supplies you with all types of Armored Triad Cable, including numerous specifications used for RTD applications or Resistance Temperature Detectors. Generally, we manufacture and supply Armored Triad Cable in single triad and multi triad forms making cables with hundreds of individual Triads typically ranging in triad cable sizes from 24 AWG, […]

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Custom cable manufacturer near me

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Custom Cable Manufacturer Near Me, Made in the USA First, If you searched for a “custom cable manufacturer near me” you came to the right place! 1X Technologies LLC manufactures all types of custom cable. Specifically, this includes custom electrical cable from 600 volts up to 550 KV and custom electronic cable like Belden equivalents […]

Belden 1694A, Belden 1694A Price, Belden 1694A Equivalent, B1694A Equal, 1694A Alternative

Belden 1694A Cable Price, Belden 1694A Equivalent

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Belden 1694A Equivalent Cable Manufacturer “EZ” Part Number Description: 1XB1694AEQ  (Equal to Belden 1694A) Low Loss Signal Digital Coax, RG-6/U Type, 18 AWG solid .040″ bare copper conductor, gas-injected foam HDPE insulation, 1X Tech Foil (100%) + tinned copper braid shield (95% coverage), PVC jacket. Scientifically designed and proven for use as an alternative to Belden […]

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Belden 8773 Price, Belden 8773 Equivalent

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1X Technologies LLC Manufacturing Data Sheet – Belden 8773 Equivalent Manufacturer “EZ” Part Number: 1X-B8773EQ  (Equivalent to Belden 8773) Description: 22 AWG stranded (7×30) tinned copper conductor, polypropylene insulation, 27 twisted pairs individually shielded with Beldfoil® (100% coverage), overall PVC jacket and 22 AWG stranded tinned copper drain wire. 30V UL2919 300V CM, UL/ETL, Made […]