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Belden 1695A Cable Price, Belden 1695A Plenum Spec [Equivalent]

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Belden 1695A Cable Price, Equivalent Cross Reference, Datasheet, Plenum Spec, Pricing per foot

Manufacturer “EZ” Part Number Description: 1XB1695AEQ   (Belden 1695A Equivalent)

Low Loss Signal Digital Coax, RG-6/U Type, 18 AWG solid .040″ bare copper conductor, plenum, foam FEP insulation, 1X Tech Foil (100%) + tinned copper braid shield (95% coverage), Flame Resistant Plenum jacket. Scientifically designed and a proven cross reference for use in place of Belden 1695A.


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Communications, Audio, Control, Instrumentation, Remote, Signaling, Power-limited systems.

Suitable for applications where Belden 1695A has been previously utilized.



Buy American Act approved: Yes – Made in the USA.

Highly advanced cable manufacturing specification.

Value & Performance results driven substitute for Belden 1695A.



NEC/UL/ETL specification: CMP

RoHS Compliant:   YES

REACH Compliant:  YES

NRTL Tested to UL Flame Test:  YES


Manufacturing Specifications Belden 1695A Cable Equivalent:


Size: 18 AWG

Conductor / Pair Count: 1 – Solid Conductor

Number of Strands: 1 – Solid Conductor

Conductor Material: Bare Copper   

Insulation Type: Teflon® FEP

Shield Type:  1X Tech® Overall Aluminum Mylar Foil Shield (100% coverage) + 95% Tinned Copper Braid Shield

Jacket Type: LS-PVC    (Low Smoke PVC)

Plenum rated (Y/N): YES

Jacket Color:  Unlimited Options, stock on primary colors.

Outside Diameter: 0.234 Inches  (Nominal)

Weight: 41 lbs per 1000 Feet

Voltage: 300 Volts

Temperature Rating: -20C to +75C

Nominal Capacitance Conductor to Shield: 16.1 pf/ft

Compare to:  Belden Part Number 1695A  


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