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Belden 9802 Cable Price – B9802 Equivalent Specification

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Belden 9802 Cable Price, Belden 9802 Equivalent            

Manufacturer “EZ” Part Number: 1X-B9802EQ Description: Belden 9802 Equivalent

20 AWG solid TC 2 conductors, conductors cabled, polypropylene insulation, overall High-Performance 1X Tech® Foil shield (100% coverage), 22 AWG solid TC drain wire, HDPE jacket. Made in the USA. Scientifically designed and proven for use in place of Belden 9802. Equivalent to Belden 9802, Belden 9802 Price, Belden 9802 Equal, Find Belden 9802 Alternative, Belden 9802 Data Sheet, Belden 9802 Specification sheet, 9802 Drawing, Belden 9802 Cable Equivalent Manufacturer. Belden Cable Equivalent Manufacturer 1X Technologies LLC guarantees our product quality will more than meet your needs.


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Belden 9802 Cable Equivalent Applications:

Communications, Audio, Control, Instrumentation, Remote, Signaling, Power-limited systems.

Suitable for any application where Belden 9802 has been previously utilized.


Belden 9802 Cable Equivalent Features:

Buy American Act approved: Yes – Made in the USA.

Highly advanced cable manufacturing specification.

Value & Performance results driven substitute for Belden 9802.


Belden 9802 Cable Equivalent Standards:

NEC/UL/ETL specification: CM / CMR

RoHS Compliant:   YES

REACH Compliant:  YES

NRTL Tested to UL Flame Test:  YES


Manufacturing Specifications for Belden 9802 Equivalent: 

Size: 20 AWG

Conductor / Pair Count: 2 Conductors

Number of Strands: 1 – Solid Conductors

Conductor Material: Tinned Copper   

Inner Conductor Colors: 1 – Black / 2 – White

Insulation Type & Thickness: PP – Polypropylene –   0.013 inches

Shield Type:  1X Tech® Overall Aluminum Mylar Foil Shield (100% coverage)

Jacket Type: HDPE – High Density Polyethylene  0.035 inches   

Plenum rated (Y/N): No

Jacket Color:  Black (Other colors available)

Outside Diameter: 0.190 Inches  (Nominal)

Weight: 18 lbs per 1000 Feet

Voltage: 300 Volts UL, 350 Volts Non UL

Temperature Rating: -40C to +80C

Nominal Capacitance Conductor to Conductor: 31.6 pf/ft

Compare to:  Belden Part Number 9802  

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Belden 9802 Detailed Engineering Specification – LinkedIn SlideShare



Earning the Trust of the Army Corps of Engineers

When the Army Corps of Engineers came to us to manufacture special length reels with a custom print legend, and have the order completed just 2 weeks when many others turned them down we jumped at the opportunity.

Not only did we save the Army Corps of Engineers over 30% on their large project, saving you the tax payers money, but we also produced the copper belden equivalent cable 3 times as fast as they had been quoted for material from Belden.


When the cable arrived on site nearly a week early, we received a call from the buyer who was shocked. He was sure we were not going to fulfill our promise of getting him the cable within the time we quoted as it was 6 weeks faster than Belden.

He said he had his field supervisor snip a couple feet off the end of the first reel they pulled off the truck and by God, it was as good or better than what they had previously been using.

Since this first success story and earning the trust of the United States Army Corps of Engineers we have begun manufacturing many more equals, equivalents, and alternatives to Belden Cable.

We realized there was a major opportunity to offer considerable value of extremely high quality equals to Belden Cable, with faster turn-around times, and with the potential to lower our customers cost.

Continued Business, Continual improvement

Specifically, since initially manufacturing our first order for a copper cable substitute for Belden’s part number 9841 we have continued to fill orders for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and many others.

In particular, our customers have trusted us to produce the very best wire and cable possible. Certainly, now that we have made so many of these highly technical products with success over the years we are the go-to supplier when Belden Equals are required.

Indeed, we know that if we can impress the United States Federal Government and the Army Corps of Engineers we can do right by you on your project too!

Remember, you call 1X Technologies “Because you require quality, quickly!”