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GGC Mining Cable [ Type G-GC 2KV 90C ] Specs, Price, Datasheet

GGC Mining Cable [ Type G-GC 2KV 90C] Specs, Price / Pricing, Datasheet   

GGC Mining Cable [Type G-GC 2KV 90C] Specs, Price / Pricing, Datasheet            

1XTech Type G-GC cables [ GGC Mining Cable ] is suitable for use in your heavy industrial and light- to medium-duty mining applications, heavy-duty service as power supply cable, power cable for mobile and portable electrical equipment at a continuous conductor temperature of 90°C.

Type G-GC cables may be used in your marina (wet) applications. You will have excellent flexibility, resistance to oils, solvents, ozone, aging, and abrasion with GGC Mining Cable from 1X Technologies.


 1XTech® Type G-GC 90°C 2KV  [ GGC Mining Cable ] Detailed Specifications

1X # AWGSize # of Conductors Conductor Strand Ground Conductor Size


Ground Check Size


Ins. Thickness     O.D. Lbs/M Amps
inches mm inches mm
1X8‐03GGC 8 3 133 2 # 10 10 0.060 1.52 0.99 25.15 672 65
1X6‐03GGC 6 3 133 2 # 10 10 0.060 1.52 1.05 26.67 793 87
1X4‐03GGC 4 3 259 2 # 8 10 0.060 1.52 1.12 28.45 1058 114
1X2‐03GGC 2 3 259 2 # 7 8 0.060 1.52 1.29 32.77 1472 152
1X1‐03GGC 1 3 259 2 # 6 8 0.080 2.03 1.41 35.81 1818 177
1X1/0‐03GGC 1/0 3 266 2 # 5 8 0.080 2.03 1.54 39.12 2218 205
1X2/0‐03GGC 2/0 3 342 2 # 4 8 0.080 2.03 1.60 40.64 2748 237
1X3/0‐03GGC 3/0 3 418 2 # 3 8 0.080 2.03 1.74 44.20 3192 274
1X4/0‐03GGC 4/0 3 532 2 # 2 8 0.080 2.03 1.88 47.75 3804 316
1X250‐03GGC 250 3 627 2 # 1 6 0.095 2.41 2.26 57.40 5090 352
1X350‐03GGC 350 3 888 2 # 1/0 6 0.095 2.41 2.48 62.99 6612 433
1X500‐03GGC 500 3 1221 2 # 3/0 6 0.095 2.41 2.87 72.90 8454 536

Many other sizes of GGC Mining Cable available up to 4000 KCMIL, All values are nominal and subject to change. Subject to 1X Technologies standard terms & conditions.


Type G-GC, GGC Mining Cable PDF Specification

View or Download PDF

You can view or download a detailed technical PDF Specification sheet in the link above for your G-GC, Type GGC Mining Cable, shown in this electrical conductor catalog for your mines, allowing for easy identification of the construction of the G-GC Mining Cable product, its application, purpose and the types of facilities where its use is appropriate; there is also a specific technical sheet for each manufacturing standard governing the product line so if you need other mining cable products just reach out to us and let us know what you need.

Additionally, for each G-GC Cable size you need to buy, a very complete dimensional table is included which will support product selection with technical calculations, and each product is identified by a unique code to facilitate the ordering process. Throughout the G-GC Spec Sheet, there is a technical section with resistance tables, ampacities, correction factors, reactance, and various electrical formulas that can be used to supplement the selection of your GGC Mining Cable electrical conductors based on your application, use and purpose, in combination with the type of facility where the electrical system will be used.


G-GC Applications:

1X Technologies Type G-GC is for use in heavy duty service as a power supply cable for: mobile and portable mining equipment, loaders, conveyors, pumps, drills and cutters, where flex life is required and for systems that require an internal ground check conductor, for added safety. Type G-GC is for applications up to 2000 volts and temperatures from -40°C to +90°C.


G-GC Conductors:

Flexible strand soft drawn tin coated copper, Class I UL44 and ASTM B 33


G-GC Insulation:

Ethylene-propylene rubber (EPR).


G-GC Ground Conductors:

Flexible strand soft drawn tin coated copper with green Ethylene-propylene rubber (EPR) insulation.


G-GC Ground Check:

Yellow polypropylene-insulated tin coated copper conductor


G-GC Separator:

Single faced rubber filled binder tape applied overall


G-GC Jacket:

Black heavy duty, integral-filled CPE thermoset compound, UL 1581


G-GC Standards:



What is G-GC? What does G-GC Mean?

Keeping it simple, G-GC means it is a cable used for ground and ground check and is both an insulated Wire & Cable industry term as well as a mining industry term for their spec of a light to medium duty mining cable. Here is the breakdown for type G-GC Mining Cables.

  • G-GC: G = Ground, GC = Ground Check




How is G-GC Shielded Mine Power Cable used in the Mining Industry?

So your’re asking yourself how is G-GC used in the mining industry? First, it’s important to note that the mining industry is characterized by its unique production processes and the super dangerous environments in which the job is done.  G-GC has to be used in order to power their equipment that helps them exploit the different minerals the world needs to keep running every day. G-GC Cable helps these professionals keep tip top safety with their equipment.

1X Technologies offers you a complete line of G-GC cables for mining applications which are specially designed to supply energy to the various items of equipment operating under severe conditions, such as constant mechanical abuse, weather conditions, moisture, very high and very low temperatures, abrasion, the presence of corrosive agents, and sometimes, highly explosive atmospheres.  Our G-GC Cable helps you with the aim of providing maximum safety to your mining personnel.

In order to make our G-GC Cable catalog of electrical conductors used in the mining industry easier for you to handle, we always work to ship your G-GC Cable secure using only the best trucking services like FedEx Freight.



1X Technologies Cable Company Shipping and Fulfillment Policy for G-GC Cable

When you order products from, the order is processed within one to two business days. Orders received during non-business days are processed on the next business day.

You have several shipping options for parcel shipping: standard ground 5 to 7 business days, 2 to 3 business days, or next business day. orders ship to addresses within the United States. orders do not currently ship to addresses outside the United States. We are also not able to ship to Post Office Box addresses. If you wish to ship to an address outside the United States or a military/government location, please contact Customer Service at 1-888-651-9990 to discuss your options.

In addition, offers Less-Than-A-Truckload “LTL” option for products that cannot be shipped via parcel shipping. For products that will be shipped via LTL, you will be provided with a set of Accessorials to select from to provide 1X Technologies with additional shipping considerations, such as residential delivery, inside delivery, liftgate or limited access.

Shipping Options for your GGC Mining Cable

  • Residential Delivery – A residential delivery charge applies to shipments to a home or private residence, including locations where a business is operated from a home, or to any shipment in which the shipper has designated the delivery address as a residence.
  • Inside Delivery – When requested, freight carrier unloads shipments from or to areas that are not next to the trailer, such as shopping malls or office buildings. An elevator must be available to provide service to floors above or below the trailer.
  • Liftgate – Freight carrier provides liftgate service, if needed, to load and unload a shipment when loading/unloading docks are not available.
  • Limited Access Locations – A limited access location is a site where pickup or delivery is restricted or limited.
    Shipping charges are calculated based on the shipping option you select, and is prepaid by you at the time of your shipment.