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When it comes to Type W Cable 1X Technologies is your best manufacturer for odd sizes, extra large conductors up to 4000 KCMIL, or 4000 MCM and Conductor counts that other manufacturers and Type W suppliers won’t waste their time quoting you. Do you require a price on your type W Cable now?

We will get you 3C, 4C, and 5C Type W Cable pricing right now, just let us know how much you need.

We manufacture short runs, sometimes as little as 250 Feet of large sizes Type W Cable. Mining, Dredging, and exploration professionals don’t always need 10,000 feet of Type W Portable power cable, especially when it is a unique size like 500MCM, 600 MCM, 750 MCM, 1000 MCM, or larger with three, four, and five conductors standard.

Temporary Power Professionals trust 1X Technologies for their quality Type W Cord and Type W Connectors at a fair price.

How about special services on your type W cable? 1X Offers Striped Type W, Type W within MC like Aluminum Interlocked Armor, Type W with colored jackets, shields, and just about anything you can think up. When you need a custom Type W Cable 1X Technologies is ready to make you extremely happy.

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  1. S-I7C5E-3A81
  2. NEMA WC58,
  3. ICEA S-95-658
  4. NEMA WC70
  5. ASTM B172
  6. ASTM B 33
  7. UL 44



  • Type W Conductors: Flexible strand tin copper, ASTM B-172 and ICEA S-75-381/NEMA WC58 
  • W Separator: Tape separator between conductor and insulation
  • Type W Insulation: Ethylene-propylene rubber (EPR), ICEA S-75-381 sec 3.15, table 3-10
  • W Assembly: Conductors and rubber fillers cabled to form round core
  • Type Reinforcement: Single faced rubber filled binder tape over insulation
  • W Jacket: Black heavy duty CPE thermoset compound, ICEA S-75-381 sec 3.4, table 3-4
  • Type Color Code: ICEA S-75-381 sec 3.18; black, white, green, red


  • Excellent flexibility
  • Water resistant and flame resistant
  • Rated and flexible at –40ºC to +90ºC
  • Excellent impact and abrasion resistant
  • Ozone sunlight oil, grease, weather, chemical resistant
  • Portable power systems
  • Other industrial applications
  • Mining application where bare grounding conductors are not required

Type W Cable 4C APPROVALS:

UL: YES – Oil Resistant; Oil Resistant Inners; Sunlight Resistant; 90C Wet or Dry

C(UL): YES – FT1; FT5; -40˚C +90˚C



Type W Cable 2KV Engineering Specifications  (Type W Ampacity, O.D., Etc)

1XW-8-22kvType W821330.060.7874365
1XW-6-22kvType W622590.060.9199515
1XW-4-22kvType W422590.061.04130730
1XW-2-22kvType W222590.081.221741000
1XW-1-22kvType W122590.081.442021490
1XW-1/0-22kvType W1/022590.081.522341710
1XW-2/0-22kvType W2/022590.081.652711880
1XW-3/0-22kvType W3/022590.081.773132420
1XW-4/0-22kvType W4/022590.081.923612940
1XW-8-32kvType W831330.060.92574525
1XW-6-32kvType W632590.060.99599660
1XW-4-32kvType W432590.061.125130900
1XW-2-32kvType W232590.081.2851741300
1XW-1-32kvType W132590.081.492021600
1XW-1/0-32kvType W1/032590.081.652342280
1XW-2/0-32kvType W2/032590.081.752712680
1XW-3/0-32kvType W3/032590.081.893133220
1XW-4/0-32kvType W4/032590.0952.043613900
1XW-250-32kvType W25036270.0952.394025070
1XW-350-32kvType W35038550.0952.684956570
1XW-500-32kvType W500312350.0953.036138700
1XW-8-42kvType W841330.060.98565641
1XW-6-42kvType W642590.061.0987818
1XW-4-42kvType W442590.061.221141140
1XW-2-42kvType W242590.081.421521630
1XW-1-42kvType W142590.081.681771982
1XW-1/0-42kvType W1/042590.081.722052393
1XW-2/0-42kvType W2/042590.081.932372904
1XW-3/0-42kvType W3/042590.082.072743377
1XW-4/0-42kvType W4/042590.082.263164264
1XW-250-42kvType W25046080.0952.53525353
1XW-350-42kvType W35048550.0952.74336969
1XW-500-42kvType W500412210.0952.95129456
1XW-8-52kvType W851330.061.0552710
1XW-6-52kvType W652590.061.205691010
1XW-4-52kvType W452590.061.55911400
1XW-2-52kvType W252590.081.611212340
1XW-1-52kvType W152590.081.881413040
1XW-1/0-52kvType W1/052590.082.0751643460
1XW-2/0-52kvType W2/052590.082.131894180
1XW-3/0-52kvType W3/052590.082.262194900
1XW-4/0-52kvType W4/052590.082.462525980

Type W PDF Specification Sheet

View or Download Type W PDF

You can view or download a detailed technical PDF Specification sheet in the link above for your Type W Cable, shown in this electrical conductor Specification for your mines. This easy Type W spec allows for simple identification of the construction of our extra flexible Type W Mining Cable product, its application, purpose and the types of facilities where its use is appropriate. There is also a specific technical Type W Datasheet for each manufacturing standard governing the product line so if you need other mining cable products just reach out to us and let us know what you need.

Additionally, for each Type W Cable size you need to buy, a very complete dimensional table is included which will support product selection with technical calculations, and each product is identified by a unique code to facilitate the ordering process. Throughout the Type W Spec Sheet, there is a technical section with resistance tables, ampacities, correction factors, reactance, and various electrical formulas that can be used to supplement the selection of your Type W Mining Cable electrical conductors based on your application, use and purpose, in combination with the type of facility where the electrical system will be used.


Additional Type W Specifications:

• UL Listed – Type W per UL 1650
• Conductors are manufactured in accordance with ASTM B-172
• Made in accordance with ICEA S-75-381
NEMA WC-58 – Portable and Power Feeder Cables for Use in Mines and Similar Locations
MSHA Approved
• UL Listed as Type RHH or RHW-2
CSA or c(UL) Certified as applicable
RoHS Compliant
• Meets FT-5 Flame Test




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